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Australian dollars

Australia’s new impact assessment exercise recognises cultural, social and environmental impacts, but there is a danger that economic impact will override everything, says David Lloyd

Zimbabwe, flag, mugabe

Agnieszka Piotrowska looks at the past, present and possible future of Zimbabwe’s universities, following the resignation of Robert Mugabe

Mechanic with tools

Australia’s higher education policy is adrift, and could learn a thing or two from the UK, say Julie Hare and Stephen Parker

Gender, equality, diversity, discrimination

Elizabeth Cannon on why Canada's HE sector still has some work to do to achieve true diversity, and how universities are approaching this problem

Myanmar, Burma, Thailand, East Asia

Isolation is the last thing Myanmar needs if it is to develop its higher education system and encourage critical thought, write Kyle Anderson and Kyaw Moe Tun

The apparent defeat of Australia’s latest attempt at higher education funding reform prolongs the agony for both universities and ministers, says Conor King

New Zealand, parliament, government

Stuart McCutcheon, vice-chancellor of the University of Auckland, on the consequences of New Zealand’s recent election

Turkey’s president was unwise to evoke Animal Farm when his attack on academics has eerie echoes of George Orwell’s novel, says Umut Özkirımli

A dollar bill being torn

Trump has little in the way of strategy on higher education, but the sector could still suffer collateral damage in the president’s desperate search for a legislative win, says John Aubrey Douglass

Chainsaw cutting tree branch

Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor at the University of Melbourne, on a 'rising chorus' of complaints about universities in the UK and Australia


Contrary to the cultural meme, Canadian graduates in all subjects earn far more, on average, than coffee shop workers, say Ross Finnie, Richard Mueller and Arthur Sweetman

Sexual assault protest

Proposed reforms in the US are based on the incorrect assumption that student concern is overstated and hysterical, writes Yvette Russell

Lecture hall with students

Teaching students to attribute their failures to factors within their control can lead to big gains, say Rodney Clifton, Gabor Csepregi and Masha Krylova

Queue of voters

Unlike in the UK and the US, German graduates tend to vote in quite similar ways to other citizens. But not in the case of the AfD, writes David Matthews

The Claw

Elite universities must expand their intake to combat rising resentment directed at higher education, says Catharine B. Hill

French revolution

PSL’s high entry position in the THE World University Rankings reflects one of the ambitions of France’s programme of mergers, say John Ludden, Philippe Le Prestre and Jean-Marc Rapp

Paris, Eiffel Tower, France

Christopher Cripps offers a French perspective on how universities can develop their position in the international academic community

mushroom cloud

The ending of Murdoch University’s agreement with its staff over employment conditions could herald a rougher ride for university staff, says Gavin Moodie 


Universities’ shabby treatment of casual academics flies in the face of their professed commitment to education and dignity, says Jedidiah Evans

The conservatism of Spain’s universities and employers is damaging the nation’s future, says Samuel Martín-Barbero