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Martin Schulz

Challenger to Merkel is popular, despite attacks on his educational record

Trump: Make America Great

Military might and border walls are of more importance than compassion in Trump’s America, says John Fea

South Sudan opinion

South Sudan may be racked by famine, civil war and corruption, but the probity and effectiveness of its largely Western-educated vice-chancellors are providing the rest of the public sector with considerable food for thought, says Kuyok Abol Kuyok

A University of Ulsan team have their efforts judged in a robotic boat competition in the US

South Korea’s University of Ulsan, a pioneer in academic and business collaboration, stresses the importance of communication for maximum engagement, writes Yeon-Cheon Oh

Ahead of the Asia Universities Summit, Feridun Hamdullahpur sets out what you need to consider when carrying out industry-funded research

High tech manufacturing

Universities in the US, South Korea and elsewhere must contribute to the advancement of the knowledge-based industries of the 21st century, says Doh-Yeon Kim

Mick Marston illustration (9 March 2017)

When the US primary season threw up numerous examples of weak and fallacious argument, Michael Ventimiglia thought his time had come. But subsequent events left him grappling with his discipline’s apparent impotence

The ‘indigenisation’ of Canada’s academy has had many positives, but some scholars are uneasy about universities’ reluctance to challenge native beliefs about the world, say Rodney Clifton and Gabor Csepregi

East Asia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia

Charlotte Evans on East Asia’s growing significance as a hub for international higher education

Less than a quarter of the country’s university research is curiosity-driven, and an assessment of impact is also in the offing, says Gavin Moodie

People underneath a Turkish flag

The targeting of Turkey’s top academics, in the country’s most established institutions, has caused outrage, writes Gulcin Ozkan

China flag, chinese

The time is right for Europe's universities to make Chinese connections, say Ka Ho Mok and Jin Jiang

Look to Canada and northern Europe for lessons on reducing inequality, says Simon Marginson

Yale-NUS College sign

Pericles Lewis, founding president of Yale-NUS college, on a turbulent time for the liberal arts

Giant bubble

Nobel laureate Sir Angus Deaton on why he signed an anti-Trump petition, and why universities are partly to blame for Trump’s rise

Donald Trump

Paul Fain on the university leaders and senior HE figures responding to Trump's executive order

Turkey flag

The UK must raise the issue of Turkey's appalling treatment of academia, says Mehmet Ugur

A collection of toy globes

Universities need to adapt to stay relevant, says Gordon Redding

Man holding globe in front of face

Trisha Craig on the changing face of study abroad programmes

bird, nightingale

Sir Keith Burnett reflects on the future of academia and innovation in the UK and China