Chris Spyrides and Trudy Weiss in Crossing Jerusalem, Park Theatre, London
August 13, 2015

A Jewish writer fills a vacuum with a play about Israel that refuses to take a simple view as it foregrounds an erotic older woman. Matthew Reisz writes

Review: Ben Whishaw and Kevin Harvey in Bakkhai by Euripides, by Anne Carson
August 6, 2015

A witty version of the Greek tragedy confronts our desire to watch the unwatchable as it diverts our focus from binaries to transitioning, says Liz Schafer

The Lady's Trial, Love's Sacrifice and 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
July 23, 2015

A rare staging of the dramatist’s work pushes to the fore seldom-seen plays that reveal the tensions at the heart of his oeuvre, says Lisa Hopkins

April 30, 2015

A staging of the 1647 Putney Debates poses inconvenient questions about political means and ends, says Liz Schafer

April 2, 2015

Justin Audibert’s sparkling production showcases the tragedy’s uneasy blend of offence and elation with just a hint of Tarantino, says Peter J. Smith

February 19, 2015

Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy is actor-centred and is often best presented stripped of all distractions, says Peter J. Smith

January 15, 2015

Live broadcasting has changed how audiences view theatre and performance, says Liz Schafer

November 13, 2014

A musical lecture explores the links between three men connected by the Nuremberg trials, writes Matthew Reisz

August 21, 2014

When Liz Schafer interviewed the Oh! What A Lovely War director, she was bowled over by her passionate and indiscreet insights into her life in theatre

June 19, 2014

Peter Brook’s play about synaesthesia delights Matthew Reisz with its blend of philosophical themes and Shakespearean comedy

April 10, 2014

By using ‘children’ in adult roles the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse both challenges the audience and returns to original practice

January 16, 2014

Physical aspects of a new theatre both add to and detract from a convincingly chilling tale of sororicide, attests Liz Schafer

November 28, 2013

Emma Rees is 34 down, four to go in a bid to see the Bard’s entire canon on stage

November 7, 2013

Anna Hartnell takes part in an immersive theatre experience that has audiences bear witness to environmental catastrophe

September 12, 2013

Jonathan Thacker hopes that three comedia nueva plays - combining comedy and tragedy - will herald a revival of a lesser-known art form

September 5, 2013

Jessica Swale’s rollicking play about women in 1890s Cambridge fighting for the recognition of their education has relevance today

August 29, 2013

The ‘creative consultant’ at work in the National Theatre’s new production of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II

July 25, 2013

Three recent productions at Shakespeare’s Globe highlight to the challenge of how to present Katherina’s submission

May 30, 2013

A new production of Shakespeare’s brutal play continues to elicit disquieting questions about moral values

February 7, 2013

Daniel Ploeger’s performance provokes minds through ‘body beautiful’