Editor's Picks (Books)

Jewish people by the seaside

Book of the week: the digital deluge can harm our social health; Emma Rees commends a prescription to tackle it

Victorian men and women

Book of the week: Simon Underdown enjoys a stunning view of Darwin at work on his less celebrated classic

Man working in studio

Book of the week: Danny Dorling lauds an exposition of the benefits of obligation-free income and how to attain them

JBS Haldane

Book of the week: Richard Joyner on a proselytiser for science who emphasised the ethical issues of advancement

A montage of female writers

Book of the Week: Emma Rees praises an effort to show how to turn personal traumas into political resistance

Reviews: best books of 2016

Scholars and senior sector figures reveal their favourite titles – read for work, for pleasure or both – published this year

School of sardines swimming in ocean

Book of the week: A study of our leviathan appetite for seafood dares to go deep and recovers pearls, says Philip Hoare

Man listening to music on smartphone/people buying vinyl records instore

Book of the week: From the black stuff to books, who gets the goods in a sharing and streaming era? asks Paul Bernal

Sigmund Freud sitting among some of his pupils, Vienna, 1922

Book of the week: New sources yield fresh insights and oversights by the father of psychoanalysis, says Janet Sayers

University of Cambridge students queueing on graduation day

Book of the week: Universities pay lip service to minorities while maintaining the status quo, says Kalwant Bhopal

Female students shopping for Princeton University sweatshirts

Book of the week: A history of the fight to share elite spaces focuses on gender over race and class, says Mary Evans

People dancing at Paradise Garage, New York City, 1979

Book of the week: Hillegonda Rietveld on the fierce creative energy of Big Apple clubs in the early Eighties

Still from The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Book of the week: If all-seeing ‘miracle’ tech is making the decisions we must demystify the tricks, says Danny Dorling

A person working in a food bank

Book of the week: Why are those pushed into food poverty then stigmatised and shamed, asks Lisa Mckenzie

Man weighing basket of cotton balls, 1890s

Book of the week: Shahidha Bari on our attachment to consumption and whether we might ever somehow escape it

Benedict Anderson speaking at lectern

Book of the week: Joanna Lewis on nationalism’s truest friend and the books that made him a world authority

Henry Bibb. Sojourner Truth and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Book of the week: Blacks were key agents in the international battle against slavery, Olivette Otele writes

Book review: Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict, by Jennie Bristow

Are ‘invented’ narratives the way to understand demographic shifts? David Willetts is unconvinced

Daydreaming relies on memory and our past helps us imagine future possibilities, finds Luna Centifanti

Rising inequality can be addressed without taking to the barricades, Victoria Bateman suggests