Labour MP Chris Elmore believes the most generous student maintenance package in the UK should not be confined to Wales

Sexual assault protest

Proposed reforms in the US are based on the incorrect assumption that student concern is overstated and hysterical, writes Yvette Russell

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Kate Sang on how fear of embarrassment and perceived lack of professionalism are impacting academics' lives

Anti-tuition fees demonstrators at Westminster

Helen Carasso on the inconsistencies of England's fees system, ahead of her appearance at the Treasury Committee's investigation into student loan systems

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Paul Ashwin sees reasons for concern in the government's latest teaching excellence framework guidelines

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Josiah Marineau on the importance of giving a purpose to students’ passion

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Initiatives by the mayor of London and the Department for International Trade are welcome as the UK HE sector seeks reassurance on Brexit, writes Sarah Stevens

Jo Johnson smiling

Transcript of the speech delivered by Jo Johnson, universities and science minister, at the 2017 annual conference of the Higher Education Funding Council for England

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Removing university status from post-92 institutions would disproportionately impact already marginalised and vulnerable social groups, says Ben Whitham

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In the past six years, the number of new part-time students in England has fallen by 56 per cent, writes Peter Horrocks

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Phil Baty on why the results of the 2018 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education US College Rankings, published on THE today, matter so much

John Morgan looks at how an old argument may become pressing in future funding debates

European Union (EU) flag missing star (Brexit)

Lord Hunt on how to ensure the higher education sector retains its competitive edge post-Brexit

Billy Hunter responds as publishers seek the removal of millions of papers from ResearchGate

Marx and Engels

Early career researchers are the ‘working class of higher education’, writes Elisabeth Julie Vargo  

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Jessica Johnson on the challenges of arranging maternity cover

Wall of face moulds (diversity)

Universities talk the talk on diversity, but seldom walk the walk, says Geoff Thompson

Boycott the NSS protesters

Ali Milani believes that the NSS in its current form could be a threat to students’ unions

Manchester, Manchester central, conference

Pam Tatlow returns from the 2017 Conservative Party conference with food for thought (and beer to drink)

Universities were never far from the top of the agenda at this year’s Conservative Party conference, writes Diana Beech