With wit and frankness, rebel scientist Tommaso Dorigo has spent a dozen years telling it like it is in his blog about research life. He speaks to Karen Shook

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Abraham Lincoln, a history of the Roman Empire and an EU flag feature in scholars’ Trump Day plans  

Donald Trump holding mask of his own face

The US has long been losing its popularity with overseas students, says Marguerite Dennis

Pile of casino chips on gambling table
Are Chinese universities doing the same with affiliations as UK institutions do with REF, asks Jack Grove
Spending graph

Duncan Ross on the correlation between country income and university performance

Cube letters show the words No Racism

There is little sector-wide motivation to address the attainment gap between white and BME students, says Min Rodriguez

Theresa May has hinted she wants to continue research links, but it is unclear why the EU would agree to maintain the UK’s current deal

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Kate Riegle van West had to battle to bring her circus life and her academic life together

A letter from David Sanders, Regius professor at the University of Essex, to Anthony King, professor of government and a leading authority on British politics who died earlier this week

Houses of Parliament at night

Nick Hillman on the possible implications of the government’s defeat in the Lords

United Nations peace keeper

Understanding the unwritten rules of graduate study is vital if you want to get the most from your PhD supervision, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

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Jim Knight on the early committee stages of the HE and Research Bill in the Lords

Parliament and Big Ben, London

Lord Stevenson on the problems facing the Higher Education and Research Bill, which was amended on its first day in committee in the Lords

Members of the House of Lords

Lords pass opposition amendment to HE Bill in committee stage

European Union (EU) flag missing star (Brexit)

Fears about the consequences of Brexit are widespread, says Sally Hunt

Flags of United Kingdom and England, Houses of Parliament

Kirsty Williams and Julie James implore ministers to look beyond the Golden Triangle

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Phil Newton looks at the case for making essay-writing services illegal

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset

As with Moocs, virtual reality will not replace the physical university

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

The impact of the bill on Royal Charters is not the main concern, says Smita Jamdar

UCU dispute board

Although remuneration slipped off the top of the agenda at UK universities last year, generous salary rises for v-cs will not be overlooked, says Jack Grove