Martin Schulz

Challenger to Merkel is popular, despite attacks on his educational record

Institutions that succeed in helping regional growth deserve being included in measures of performance, says Simon Baker

Governance, management

Universities in the UK have developed a range of different approaches to governance, and there’s no sign that the trend will stop, says Michael Shattock

Man making a phonecall while sick in bed

With academics reluctant to take sick leave, universities must become more aware of the dangers of ‘presenteeism’, says Gail Kinman

Trump: Make America Great

Military might and border walls are of more importance than compassion in Trump’s America, says John Fea

The University of Aberdeen

Tim Ingold and colleagues at the University of Aberdeen have created a manifesto that they hope will preserve higher education's true values

Arrivals, departures, Brexit, immigration

We must make it clearer to UK-based European scholars that the UK higher education sector wishes to remain open, says Sir Keith Burnett

Lecture, boring, lecturer, students

If the outcomes of ‘active learning’ are so much better than those for traditional lectures, why stick with the old format? asks Simone Buitendijk

David Goldblatt,

Groundbreaking photographer David Goldblatt’s archive should stay in South Africa, where it belongs, writes Martin Hall

Young boy leads caravan of Syrian refugees

Nele Feldmann and Katherine Miller on the importance of helping displaced Syrians on to higher education courses

Man shouting into megaphone

The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews

London, westminster, parliament, government

Sir Mark Walport believes that the amended HE Bill will assist him in making the UKRI the best research funding agency in the world

Ahead of the Asia Universities Summit, Feridun Hamdullahpur sets out what you need to consider when carrying out industry-funded research

Women carrying basket up rocks

Fiona Dobbie is loving life as a PhD student, and hopes any midlife crisis it represents will end on graduation day

Woman with thumbs up sign

John Cater maligns the misuse of an NSS that can offer genuine insight into university teaching

research, library, researcher

Discussion of research excellence framework reform has overlooked the role of research itself, argues Kevin Hetherington

Homeless woman begging

Emma Gee found passion and bravery lacking at a campus IWD event

Increasing the number of fast-track degrees may devalue the currency of UK undergraduate courses in Europe, warns Jack Grove

Social media icons hanging from blue string

Your definitive guide to using social media as an academic

East Asia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia

Charlotte Evans on East Asia’s growing significance as a hub for international higher education