Gold medals

Relentless celebration is diluting genuine achievement, affecting students and staff in different ways, writes Peter Larcombe


Data-centric science is emerging in concert with calls for increased openness in research, says Sabina Leonelli

Campaigners who want to erase the controversial figures from universities’ pasts are wrong, say Niall McCrae and Roger Watson

Chemistry student

The UK-US research relationship post-Brexit must work for both countries, says Darragh Murnane

People underneath a Turkish flag

The targeting of Turkey’s top academics, in the country’s most established institutions, has caused outrage, writes Gulcin Ozkan

A group of people inside a hospital entrance

John Walley on how healthcare research must bring practical benefits, not just scholarly pride

Facade of Sorbonne in Paris

Thousands of France’s most educated minds are now based abroad – luring them back could be a boon for its ambitious plans for higher education, Jack Grove writes

Religion, religions, church, mosque

Higher education has an important role in healing divides based on the distortion of religious beliefs, say Sami Everett and Ed Kessler

Puppet, control, strings, freedom

Toby Miller on the lessons that other countries could teach universities in the UK

China flag, chinese

The time is right for Europe's universities to make Chinese connections, say Ka Ho Mok and Jin Jiang

money, cash

Adrian Furnham makes his case for a discerning approach to philanthropy

Anna Piela asks what Trump may mean for scholars of the Islamic faith

Investing in UK science may be cheaper after Brexit but the true cost to innovation system remains to be seen, says Holly Else

Improvement, performance, rankings, success

Phil Baty sets out why the World University Rankings are here to stay – and why that's a good thing

Gender, sexism, equality

UK universities should follow the example of FTSE companies, says Ruth Sealy

John Morgan looks at appointment of former McKinsey, Pearson and government education adviser

Look to Canada and northern Europe for lessons on reducing inequality, says Simon Marginson

Dame Athene Donald on how the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy had to reissue a job advert for UKRI board members

Crowds at Trump's inauguration

Crowd scientist Keith Still on his time providing live analysis on Donald Trump’s inauguration – and the ensuing media storm

Donald Trump

Heads of US universities unite to condemn US president’s executive order