University of Azuay

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Av. 24 de Mayo, 7-77 y Hernán Malo, Cuenca, Ecuador

About University of Azuay

The University of Azuay was established in 1968 and the main campus is located in the city of Cuenca, capital of the province of Azuay.

At first it was part of the Santiago Catholic University of Guayaquil and, afterwards it was part of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. It was recognised as a university in 1990, and was named the University of Azuay.

There are six faculties at the university including: administration sciences; science and technology; legal sciences; design, architecture and art; philosophy, letters and education sciences and medicine. Students are then able to choose from a number of courses within these faculties.

Additionally, the faculty of philosophy and the Center for Integral Stimulation and Psychotherapeutic Support allows students to work alongside professionals to gain real life experience and support children and adolescents within the local community.

Students have the option of living on or off campus, with all of the facilities in close proximity. There is a library on site which is available to all students and has plenty of room for studying and study rooms for group projects.

Students have the opportunity to attend seminars led by industry professionals.

The university has a culture unit which organises cultural events throughout the year. Students are also able to participate in a choir or the dance society.

The institution has their own research committee where papers are written and reviewed in campus. Staff, students and the community are able to get involved with this to read and work on research papers.

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