Universidad de Chile - School of Business and Economics

Diagonal Paraguay 257, Santiago, Chile

About Universidad de Chile - School of Business and Economics

The Universidad de Chile was founded in 1842 and is the oldest and one of the most prestigious public universities in Chile. It’s School of Business and Economics was founded in 1934.

Social responsibility is part of its key focus and it aims to make Chile a country of opportunities available to everyone. Offering undergraduate courses up to PhD degrees, various programmes offer teaching in finance, public policy and administration.

Universidad de Chile - School of Business and Economics or FEN UChile, as it is often known, is on the Andres Bello campus in Santiago, Chile. It is home to some of the university’s oldest and most renowned buildings. It has five buildings on campus: Tower 26, a 22-floor mixed-use buildings of offices and classrooms, Placa Building, comprising classrooms and a cafeteria, TechnoAulas Corpbanca Building, made up of classrooms and labs and the recently renovated and expanded Luksic Business and Economics Library and the new Z Building, home to the Corporate and Student Services. In addition, FEN UChile has its own sports complex, which includes a multi-sports fields, a seven a side football field, a fitness centre and a climbing wall. There are also 400 parking spaces available for use by faculty staff and students.

In total, there are 4,220 students, including 274 international students as well as 104 faculty staff. There are 15 research labs on campus. It has strong links with universities around the world and its diverse international program includes some of the best US and European universities, and an international program in Panama.