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In 1881, 21 young physicists founded The Tokyo Academy of Physics under the principle aim of "building a better future with science’. These 21 physicists, who later became known as the “sustaining” teachers, were devoted to pursuing science at a time when Japanese society was undergoing fundamental changes as the nation moved away from feudalism and toward a democratic future.

The principle of Building a Better Future with Science remains central to the university’s philosophy and the institution remains keen to ensure that younger generations are educated and nurtured in order to take responsibility for Japan’s future. TUS research has produced initiatives that have been adopted by a number of Japanese government departments.

It was not until 1949 that Tokyo University of Science (TUS) attained university status and adopted the name it still uses today as one of Japan’s largest private comprehensive science and technology university.

For undergraduates TUS has eight faculties that are split into 33 departments, while there are 31 graduate departments covered by 11 graduate schools. The four campuses that make up TUS are located in Tokyo and the surrounding towns, while two sister universities have been established in Suwa and Yamaguchi.

TUS also offer impressive language programs with cities including Manchester, Sydney and Toronto and while it is a highly selective institution there are a number of scholarships and financial aid options available to students.

Tokyo University of Science Alumni Association, known as “Risoukai”, includes Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Satoshi Omura as well as former Boeing CEO, Philip M. Condit.

Key statistics

  • 19,653
    Number of Students
  • 25.6
    Student to Staff Ratio
  • 1.4
    Percentage of International Students
  • 20 : 80
    Student Ratio of Females to Males
  • ¥1,798
    Finance per Student (¥000s)
Collected during World University Rankings on 28th Sep 2016 and Japan University Rankings on 20th Mar 2017

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