Kharazmi University

43 South Mofatteh Avene, Tehran, 15719-1491, Iran

About Kharazmi University

Named after the Persian mathematician, astronomer and geographer, Khwarizimi, Kharazmi University is regarded as the oldest higher education institution in Iran.

Established in 1919 as the Central Teachers’ Institute, university status came in 1974 as Tarbiat Moallem University of Tehran. It’s current branding came in 2012. Further change came three years later when the University of Economic Science was amalgamated into Kharazmi University as its faculty of management, faculty of financial sciences and faculty of economics.

Approximately 12,500 students attend Kharazmi University across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and across two main campuses. One campus is in Tehran where, among others, the faculties of physical education and sport sciences, management, law and political sciences, economics, and art and architecture are based. The other is based in Karaj where the faculties of science, engineering, mathematics and computer science, psychology and education, education and literature and humanities are based.

Kharazmi has a number of very active research institutes including: the Institute for Educational Research, established in 1969; the Research Centre of National Excellence for the Spatial Analysis of Environmental Disasters; the Research Centre of National Excellence for Stress Psychology established in 2005. Also established in the same year are the Plasma Research Centre, active in plasma engineering, nanotechnology and space physics; and the Fundamental and Applied Science Research Centre. The Human Kinetics Research Centre (2006) looks at the development and expansion of physical education and sports sciences. Finally, the Comparative Philosophy and Law Research Centre (2007) takes a global view of philosophy and law.