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Hosei University, based in Tokyo in Japan, originated as a school of law in 1880. It adopted its present name in 1903 and was ultimately recognised as a private university in 1920.

At present Hosei University has some 15 undergraduate faculties, a School of Correspondence Education, 14 graduate schools, 1 institute, and 2 professional schools attached to its name. 

Hosei has three main campuses in Ichigaya, Koganei, and Tama. The Ichigaya campus is the most metropolitan campus close to central Tokyo. Sciences are primarily studied at the Koganei campus to the west of Tokyo, while all other subjects are split between Tama and Ichigaya.

Hosei University has been attempting to create a sustainable society through a wide variety of activities. It enacted an environmental charter in 1993, and it continues to reform campus environments in order to accomplish the aims set out by the charter. 

Hosei offers a variety of international education programmes and has 62 partner universities across the world, and offers its students the chance to study there as a part of their university experience. Studying abroad is intended to increase both students' global academic awareness as well as broadening their career opportunities after graduation.

The library attached to Hosei University dates back to the nineteenth century when it began as a law school. Since then, the library has expanded and developed in step with the university and its collection now exceeds 1,700,000 books.

There are more than 200 clubs recognised by the university, which include the baseball club, rugby club, and American football club.

Hosei University belongs to the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, which is one of the most established college sports leagues in Japan. 

Since 2016 Hosei University has expanded its English-based degree programs to include subjects such as: global business, sustainability co-creation, and science and technology. 

Notable alumni include Takuya Honda, a football player, politicians Yukio Jitsukawa and Emi Kaneko, as well as Mew Azama, model and actress.

Key statistics

  • 29,171
    Number of Students
  • 38.7
    Student to Staff Ratio
  • 1%
    Percentage of International Students
  • 34 : 66
    Student Ratio of Females to Males
Collected during World University Rankings on 28th Sep 2016

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