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The Australian National Univer CBE Building 26C, Kingsley St., Acton, Australian Capital Territory, ACT 2601, Australia

About The Australian National University - ANU College of Business & Economics

The Australian National University is a research university located in Australia’s capital city of Canberra. It was established in 1946, and is still the only university to have been created by the Australian Parliament.

Its beginnings come from Canberra University College, which was formed in 1929. It was then integrated into the Australian National University in 1960.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered to students here across six main subject areas: arts, society and culture; business and commerce; engineering and computer science; health and medical studies; law and legal studies; and natural, physical and environmental science.

Professional development options are also available for those who are looking to improve their professional skills. The university has professional development options for scientists, foreign affairs professionals, policymakers, lawyers, doctors, and the general public.

The university has three campuses: the main Acton Campus in the heart of Canberra; the Kioloa Coastal Campus acting as the outdoor classroom for field visits and workshops; and the North Australia Research Unit Campus in the Northern Territory for researchers. The university also has two observatories: the Mount Stromlo Observatory, the home of the school of astronomy and astrophysics; and the Siding Spring Observatory, the largest optical observatory in Australia.

Canberra is full of museums, galleries and breweries, as well as mountains and valleys. Canberra has a large student population as well as lots of markets, coffee shops and night clubs.

Notable alumni include former director general of the state cabinet office Ken Rudd; executive director of the UN Women Australia Julie McKay; and human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson. The university has also educated two of Australia’s former prime ministers.