World University Rankings 2018 table information

September 5, 2017

Key statistics
The data shown under key statistics is that provided by the university itself in its submission to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It represents data from the 2015 academic year, and may vary from subsequent or earlier years.

This is the number of full-time equivalent students at the university.

Student-to-staff ratio
This is the ratio of full-time equivalent students to the number of academic staff – those involved in teaching or research.

International students
The percentage of students originating from outside the country of the university.

Female-to-male ratio
The ratio of female to male students at the university.

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Editor’s note: 16 March 2018

The University of Naples Federico II was initially excluded from the THE 2018 World University Rankings on the basis that it did not provide sufficient data prior to the submission deadline. Following discussions with the THE data team and, having subsequently provided a comprehensive data submission, an editorial decision was taken to retrospectively include the university in the overall rankings. It is now positioned within the 401-500 band.

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