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What are the most popular degrees in the world?

Discover which degree subjects are the more searched for on Google, according to research by the University of the Potomac in the US

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    February 20 2023
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    Nursing is one of the most popular degree choices for prospective university students, according to new research by the University of the Potomac in Washington DC.

    Through analysis of Google data on 181 different degree disciplines, the university found that nursing leads the list of most searched-for degree courses, followed by business administration and then law.

    Across the world, different countries and regions exhibit a variety of preferences for degree study. In the UK, psychology tops the list of subjects in Google searches, but in India the most popular degree search is English. English degrees are also popular in Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Hungary.

    The US remains a popular place to study for domestic and international learners alike. Among the most searched-for degree subjects in the US are psychology, business and computer science.

    Which subject should you study at university?

    Subjects such as business, psychology, law and computer science have become popular because they offer high earning potential and because the courses instil in graduates a mix of skills and knowledge that are considered attractive to employers. These skills include problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills, which can be utilised in a wide variety of careers.

    Degrees in these subjects also allow graduates to enter a wide range of careers, including finance, teaching, product and software development or more entrepreneurial endeavours such as starting your own business.

    Universities in the US and the UK were some of the most searched-for institutions, including Stanford University.

    If you need any further help with choosing a subject that’s right for you, check out our subject rankings of the best universities across 13 different subjects.

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