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Vlog: A week in the life of a student in Canada

Follow University of British Columbia student Becky Bradley around to experience what life is like at university in Canada

    December 18 2018
    Vlog: A week in the life of student in Canada


    University of British Columbia Student Becky Bradley switches on her camera and vlogs three days in her life as a student in Canada. 

    From showing us around the beautiful campus, experiencing the varied Canadian weather and the best lunch spots on campus Becky shares a real insight into what it is like to study in Canada.

    As a psychology and geography student, Becky talks us through what her classes are like, her study schedule and even takes us into her Spanish class to meet her professors. 

    If you're considering studying in Canada, check out the vlog below to see what Becky got up to. 

    If you'd like to see more from Becky then check out her YouTube channel and her Instagram for more university related content. 

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