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The highlights of my time as a Chinese University of Hong Kong student

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a strong sense of community, and offers students the opportunity to host international events and study abroad programmes, says John Liu Hin Lok

Student life
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John Liu Hin Lok

March 15 2017



Last summer, a team of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) students held the largest student conference in Asia: the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Asia Conference (HPAIR). We welcomed more than 550 delegates from over 70 countries to our beautiful campus and enjoyed a fruitful conference on international relations with more than 100 great speakers. It was the most unforgettable experience for me. 

CUHK has provided even more opportunities for me to have fun, to learn and to explore the world, involving internships, exchange studies, hostel life, student societies, sports teams and more. If I had to choose three things as highlights of my university life, they would be my hostel life, exchange study and HPAIR.

In my freshman year, I lived on campus with a mix of junior and senior students. The hostels in CUHK have a strong sense of community and hence students have a strong sense of belonging. This allowed me to quickly adapt to university life and build my network.

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I was lucky to meet with similar-minded people who love adventure, and we took part in different exciting activities; for example, hiking at night in 2°C, and chatting in the dark next to Lake Ad Excellentiam. These occasions created great memories and bonds between us. I still have close relationships with my first batch of friends in CUHK.

In my junior year, I had a semester exchange programme at Washington University in St Louis, in the US. Thanks to the great partnership network and financial sponsorship from the school, I was able to attend such a great US college and explore the country.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to attend classes with local students. I also made friends with other exchange students from France, Italy and Turkey. I enjoyed hanging out with them and learning about their world. I made trips to other cities such as Boston, Chicago and New York during weekends and spring break.That was another enjoyable feature of going on an exchange.

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Right before the start of my final year, CUHK honoured a team of students, including me, by holding HPAIR. My teammates and I, as organisers, learned a great deal about event management and international exposure, through preparing for delegates of many cultures and communicating with them. The event was incredible. However, it could not have been a success without support and guidance from the school.

I am not condensing the impact of my university life with just those three examples. “One can find countless opportunities in such a resourceful university like CUHK. Do whatever you have a passion for,” I heard from our vice-chancellor Joseph Sung when I was a freshman. After four years, when it finally comes to the end of my university life, I realise how true his statement was.

John Liu Hin Lok is a business student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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