Public speaking improved my confidence at university

Youtube vlogger Hannah Jukes at Bangor University is using her voice to get taken more seriously and improve her confidence. She shares her top tips for developing your public speaking skills at university.

March 4 2016
Hannah Jukes vlogger

Your voice is the most valuable tool you have in communicating effectively. So why do so many students and university teachers not invest much energy in their public speaking skills?

Bangor University student and vlogger Hannah Jukes is bucking that trend, and has already noticed the wide-ranging benefits to her confidence and communication skills.

She says: “If I were to go talk to someone or give a talk at the uni or for a charity, I feel I would be taken a lot more seriously, because I know how to present myself well, I know how to talk effectively. I know how to cut out all the things I don’t need to talk about and avoid all the jargon words.”

“With me not looking my age, sometimes I feel it is hard for people to take me seriously, because I don’t look like I’m 21. If I can talk more confidently, I feel like people are more likely to listen to what I want to say, and what I’ve got to say.”

Watch Hannah's YouTube video below to hear her story and learn how to make the most of your voice as a student.

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