Seven items you will probably forget to pack for university...

...And one item that you’ll wish you had packed. Put these objects on your university packing list now! 

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August 24 2018
Items you will forget to pack for university


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Packing for university is no easy task. You have to figure out which items are the most important to you. 

It’s pretty inevitable that you will end up forgetting something, no matter how well you pack. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, take a look at our list of all the things that you are likely to forget and add them to your suitcase now.

1. Batteries

Most electrical items such as your mobile phone and laptop require chargers, but the one time that you need batteries will be the one time that you don’t have any. To be on the safe side, pack a set of AAA batteries as they are likely to fit into most items. 

2. Corkscrew/bottle opener

If you drink alcohol, a corkscrew/bottle opener will probably end up being one of your most useful kitchen items, whether you are getting ready for a big night out or just having some quiet drinks in your halls. Having a bottle opener handy, will also spare you from having to watch that guy from the third floor perform his “party trick” of opening beer bottles with his teeth.

3. Loungewear

If you think that one or two loungewear items will be enough, you are wrong! Chances are that you will spend most of your time in tracksuits and hoodies. They will come in handy for early lectures, intense studying sessions, or television nights. So make sure that you have enough comfortable clothes for those occasions. And lots of warm socks, too.

4. Clothes hangers

Most halls of residence won’t provide clothes hangers, so make sure that you pick up some before you head to university. Otherwise, it will make the unpacking process pretty pointless if you are just throwing clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe.

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5. Change for laundry 

This will be something that you’ll need within your first week. Make sure that you always have a stash of coins in your room, so that you can get on with your washing straight away. There’s nothing worse than having a pile of smelly clothes in the corner, just because you don’t have change for the washing machine.

6. Alarm clock

You think that you won’t need one because you can rely on your phone. But having a separate alarm clock means that there is less room for error in case you forget to charge your phone or it breaks. Using the alarm clock also means that you will minimise screen time before bed, since you won’t be setting the alarm on your phone before you go to sleep. 

7. Adaptor/chargers

If you are heading abroad for university, make sure that you pack a travel adaptor that is suitable for your destination. And if you are staying in your home country, make sure that you have all the necessary chargers for your devices. There is nothing more frustrating than your laptop running out of battery when you are almost at the end of an assignment. 

The one item you will regret not packing...

1. Your teddy...

...or a comfort item of some sort. You might think that this is best left at home for fear of looking uncool/childish, but trust me, about three weeks in, when you have been hit with fresher’s flu, multiple assignments and you are feeling a little bit homesick/overwhelmed, you will want your “teddy/comfort blanket” to make you feel better. You’ll thank us later. 

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