World Academic Summit

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Scientific endeavour has for centuries been driven on by both competitive and collaborative spirit, and the rankings can boost both, says Phil Baty

What will European and global research collaboration look like post-Brexit?

World Academic Summit

Speakers at the 2017 World Academic Summit discuss how world-class universities are embracing social inclusivity

Panel discussion on the importance of internationalisation featuring the leaders of some of the world's most prestigious universities

Sir Paul Nurse

Francis Crick Institute director Sir Paul Nurse speaks at the 2017 Times Higher Education World Academic Summit

Peter Agre at World Academic Summit

Panel debate from the 2017 THE World Academic Summit

London, Waterloo Bridge,

Peter Agre, Ed Byrne and Nicholas Dirks speak to Times Higher Education at the 2017 World Academic Summit in London

Eric Mazur speaks at the World Academic Summit

Eric Mazur, father of the ‘flipped classroom’, says rethinking assessment is the next frontier

Nicholas Dirks speaks at the World Academic Summit, hosted by King's College London

Iconic Californian institution’s viability as a state university called into question by fall in public support and growing political intrusion, says ex-chancellor

Peter Agre at World Academic Summit

US physician also tells summit that, while governments change, ‘science goes on’

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The THE team select their highlights from the 2017 World Academic Summit


Improvement districts and policy innovation via research among international examples of civic missions, summit hears


Times Higher Education’s flagship event will return to the Asian city state for its fifth edition


Universities face new diversity challenge as middle-class parents push to secure places for children at top institutions, says former University of Warwick boss

Michael Arthur

UCL head warns that decision to leave European Union ‘affecting our ability to recruit and retain the very best’

Paul Nurse speaks at the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit

‘Artificial barriers’ such as Brexit ‘should be resisted‘, Nobel laureate tells event hosted by King’s College London

Lightbulb innovation

Ahead of the 2018 World Academic Summit, speaker Nicolas Pejout looks at entrepreneurialism in universities

Anti-Trump protest

Andrew Hamilton suggests lure of New York will help it to ride out political storms

Louise Richardson speaks at the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit, held at King's College London

Louise Richardson says it is ‘completely mendacious’ to suggest higher tuition fees have driven inflation in executive pay

Young male entrepreneur using laptop, lightbulb, Eureka

Julie Devonshire calls on universities to help students to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial aspiration and action