Research councils and funding

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Changes to associate membership criteria could open up European research funding worldwide

Leaving Lehman Brothers

New data show how universities took up the slack when businesses cut back on R&D. But the crisis also led to greater demands on universities to boost growth


Aarhus University has signed up companies to fund fundamental research in what it calls a ‘patent-free playground’

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Staff covering for academics on leave are often given no time to conduct research themselves

Synergy Grants will be worth a total of €250 million but, when piloted in 2012 and 2013, success rates were under 3 per cent

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Science policy experts have concerns about the effectiveness of new UK government support model

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Universities facing the challenges of developing a knowledge economy

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European Innovation Council mission to create ‘unicorns’ may deprive academics of funding, critics warn

There are several stumbling blocks on the way to negotiating access to European research funding, writes Holly Else

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Low grant success rates, a shrinking budget and concerns over evaluations preceded departure

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Working 55 hours per week, the loss of research periods, slashed pensions, increased bureaucracy, tiny budgets and declining standards have finally forced Michael Edwards out

Scholar returning to homeland from US to lead university speaks of his concerns

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CDU wants country to invest 3.5 per cent of GDP in research and development – more than twice that of UK

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Sydney’s deputy v-c says government must put its money where its mouth is

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Jo Johnson outlines UK ambition to be ‘go-to country’ for innovation and discovery, even after Brexit

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Major study on successor to Horizon 2020 also suggests including Canada and Australia in European programmes

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‘Shocking’ shift away from fundamental projects harms country's scientific reputation, says author of report


Universities could lose out as emphasis switches to supporting innovation

Emmanuel Macron, France, president

President offers disaffected climate scientists a ‘second homeland’ to conduct their work

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Low salaries, excessive bureaucracy and poorly defined research policies add to region’s woes