Postgraduate and early-career

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Two academics explain how to beat some of the typical anxieties associated with a doctoral degree
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Covering interview travel expenses creates financial hardships for early career academics, says Rachel Yoho


Supervisors should be trained to spot the first sign of a problem, says Chris Havergal

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How to get it right when you first have to stand up in front of a class
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Institutions told they have a ‘culture of excluding postgraduates’ in wake of damning study

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Conference hears how University of Adelaide uses metrics to improve performance

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More money and competition for tenure has helped country’s young researchers progress

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Government analysis finds most academics think postgraduate research standards have held steady or improved

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Fiona Dobbie is loving life as a PhD student, and hopes any midlife crisis it represents will end on graduation day

Michael Parkin illustration (9 March 2017)

Cramming study into the shortest possible time will impoverish the student experience and drive an even greater wedge between research-enabled permanent staff and the growing underclass of flexible teaching staff, says Tom Cutterham

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More UK and EU students begin master’s programmes, but Indian and Nigerian enrolments fall

valerie ashby duke university north carolina trinity

Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates

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On University Mental Health Day, Geoffrey Cantor calls on institutions to significantly expand their mental health provision

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Scholars report higher levels of depressive symptoms and social withdrawal

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Structured writing groups could have a transformative effect on the morale and productivity of early career scholars, says Alice Kelly

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Working with other academics can be tricky so follow some key rules, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

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But professor says Trump presidency might now provide ‘incentive’ for junior scholars to ask ‘important questions’

Ministry hopes to increase quality of doctorates

Research funding for business and management

Research grant available but institution job 'normally' required before applying

Doctoral study can seem like a 24-7 endeavour, but don't ignore these other opportunities, advise Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O'Gorman