Postgraduate and early-career

Ministry hopes to increase quality of doctorates

Research funding for business and management

Research grant available but institution job 'normally' required before applying

Doctoral study can seem like a 24-7 endeavour, but don't ignore these other opportunities, advise Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O'Gorman

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Lecturer Rachel Moss on the casualties of a demanding academic culture

Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (5 January 2017)

Fixing problems in the academic job market by reducing the number of PhDs would homogenise the sector, argues Tom Cutterham

Matthew Reisz on when the worlds of higher education and graphic novels collide

Student dragging debt

Billy Bryan and Josh Berlyne are not convinced by the UK government’s doctoral loans plan


Off to an academic conference? Helena Ledmyr offers some tricks to getting the most out of attending a scholarly gathering

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Junior academics can access services without physically visiting premises, writes Holly Else

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Many early career researchers have ‘not gone to the library for years’, according to report

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Overleaf’s John Hammersley on what drove his doctorate and transition from universities to industry

PhD, doctorate

UK universities can now ‘feel confident’ in recruiting postgraduate students for 2017-18, says RCUK chair

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Minority groups still not represented at professorial level by 2080, study suggests

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Funding conference attendance out of your own pocket? Don't worry – there are ways to make back the cash through other academic activities. Catherine Fletcher explains.

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Selecting the right doctorate is crucial for success. Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O'Gorman share top 10 tips on how to pick a PhD

One year shaved off time to degree under new national framework

Comic strip panel from Notes on a Thesis, by Tiphaine Rivière

French cartoonist finds rich comic potential in the PhD she never finished

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Research suggests low self-efficacy among graduate students increases writing anxiety

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Doctoral students who downplay their part-time status forget that they excel in key ways, says Rebecca Gelding