Postgraduate and early-career

There are many hidden costs associated with PhD study, writes Alfredo Cumerma, particularly if you want to land that dream job on graduation

Skolar awards

Prize money of €100,000 (£88,000) handed out on basis of scholars’ three-minute spiels


It may be the only bit of your thesis that most people will read, but do not waste your best title on your PhD, says Zachary Foster

Obstacle course

UKCGE head warns of potential consequences for research students from sector shake-up

Dan Mitchell illustration (19 November 2017)

PhD failure can have disastrous consequences for overseas students bonded to their funders, says Andrew George

Lab, broken glass

Ex-Edinburgh chemist highlights emotional cost of doctoral study, but work is not a ‘revenge book’

Elly Walton illustration (2 November 2017)

Identifying intellectual junctions, intersections and sites for negotiation can give your academic rite of passage the right of way, says Zachary Foster    

Professor allegedly demanded ‘superhuman commitment’ from doctoral students, allowing them barely any holiday and setting meetings that ran past midnight

careers book

Josiah Marineau on the importance of giving a purpose to students’ passion

Marx and Engels

Early career researchers are the ‘working class of higher education’, writes Elisabeth Julie Vargo  

Man with giant pen

Pragya Agarwal considers what aspiring doctoral students can do to make their application stand out from the rest

University lecturer

For National Postdoc Appreciation Week, we take a look through our archive of advice and information for early career researchers 

careers book

Leru says that commission’s focus should be on improving scholars’ employment prospects


Universities’ shabby treatment of casual academics flies in the face of their professed commitment to education and dignity, says Jedidiah Evans

Stressed admissions tutor

A national postgraduate admissions system would allow universities to improve planning, enhance student satisfaction and widen participation, says Michelle Morgan


Mike Smith reveals six of the most useful pieces of advice he has been able to give his PhD students over the years

Tuition fee hike

Researchers reveal huge differences in charges levied by Russell Group universities 

Student withdrawing money from ATM

Variations in the Russell Group demonstrate a mixed national picture, write Joshua Stubbs and Paul Wakeling

Harp lesson
Tips on how to master the art of small group teaching
railway track

Staff covering for academics on leave are often given no time to conduct research themselves