Postgraduate and early-career

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Overseas students in UK are more likely to recommend studying in the country than those in other nations

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Steven Franklin lays bare the questions and doubts that go through his mind as he sits down to work on his thesis

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Despite all that’s been done to improve doctoral study, horror stories keep coming. Here three students relate PhD nightmares while two academics advise on how to ensure a successful supervision

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The need to accommodate foreign students undermines domestic practices, says Lincoln Allison, spying parallels between UK universities and global sports bodies such as Fifa

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Objections to co-authorship with juniors display a misguided sense of ethics, say Mark Hayter and Roger Watson

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Universities around the world looking closely at employment rights and research engagement of doctoral candidates

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Giving employee rights to doctoral candidates seen as key step to make life in academia more attractive, Holly Else writes

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Students are being hoodwinked into enrolling on ‘trendy’ new degree programmes that are, according to one concerned academic, little more than a marketing exercise

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Two academics explain how to beat some of the typical anxieties associated with a doctoral degree
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Covering interview travel expenses creates financial hardships for early career academics, says Rachel Yoho


Supervisors should be trained to spot the first sign of a problem, says Chris Havergal

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How to get it right when you first have to stand up in front of a class
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Institutions told they have a ‘culture of excluding postgraduates’ in wake of damning study

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Conference hears how University of Adelaide uses metrics to improve performance

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More money and competition for tenure has helped country’s young researchers progress

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Government analysis finds most academics think postgraduate research standards have held steady or improved

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Fiona Dobbie is loving life as a PhD student, and hopes any midlife crisis it represents will end on graduation day

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Cramming study into the shortest possible time will impoverish the student experience and drive an even greater wedge between research-enabled permanent staff and the growing underclass of flexible teaching staff, says Tom Cutterham

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More UK and EU students begin master’s programmes, but Indian and Nigerian enrolments fall

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Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates