Postgraduate and early-career

Harp lesson

Kevin O’Gorman and Robert MacIntosh offer tips on how to master the art of small group teaching

railway track

Staff covering for academics on leave are often given no time to conduct research themselves

Personal development

Many UK doctoral students view professional development as a ‘distraction’ or a ‘waste of time’, says study

Blindfolded people

More than half of doctoral candidates surveyed at one university reported “abnormal” levels of stress and depression

Kayaker and jet skiiers

Nazima Kadir’s social circle reveals a range of alternative careers for would-be scholars, and often with better rewards than academia

Sze-Yin Tan

Monash-Warwick Alliance graduate researched chemistry PhD in England and Australia

Capsized woman and boat

Early career academics can be left to sink or swim when navigating the choppy waters of learning scholarly writing. Helen Sword says a more formal, communal approach can help everyone, especially women

Cambridge bikes

University cites Brexit as factor causing financial uncertainty – but also as recruitment ‘opportunity’

Twenty-one countries attend annual meeting to showcase progress of multimillion-pound Deltas initiative

Kenya higher education

Higher education regulator's new rules aim to drive up standards within sector

crashed skier

UK universities’ complacency in the good times has left them ill-equipped to respond to falling postgraduate master’s enrolment, says Michelle Morgan

teacher and pupils

The sweatshop conditions in which sessional academics work in Australia mirror the treatment of schoolteachers in Victorian times, say Hannah Forsyth and Jedidiah Evans 

Union flag shoes

Overseas students in UK are more likely to recommend studying in the country than those in other nations

Brain, logic, thinking

Steven Franklin lays bare the questions and doubts that go through his mind as he sits down to work on his thesis

Monster behind man at desk

Despite all that’s been done to improve doctoral study, horror stories keep coming. Here three students relate PhD nightmares while two academics advise on how to ensure a successful supervision

Cricket player and umpire exchanging bribe

The need to accommodate foreign students undermines domestic practices, says Lincoln Allison, spying parallels between UK universities and global sports bodies such as Fifa

Two dogs on beach

Objections to co-authorship with juniors display a misguided sense of ethics, say Mark Hayter and Roger Watson

People standing under larger tent to shelter from rain

Universities around the world looking closely at employment rights and research engagement of doctoral candidates

Map of Europe

Giving employee rights to doctoral candidates seen as key step to make life in academia more attractive, Holly Else writes

open building

Students are being hoodwinked into enrolling on ‘trendy’ new degree programmes that are, according to one concerned academic, little more than a marketing exercise