Cannons on a ship

Setting pre-seen exams can bring out previously unsuspected abilities among students, say Nicholas Morton and Natasha Hodgson

Lake Tahoe fire sign

Health and environmental agencies face savage reductions as defence spending soars

Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve

Cambridge professor has helped policymakers wrestle with complex ethical challenges

opinion illustration

Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher

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Structured writing groups could have a transformative effect on the morale and productivity of early career scholars, says Alice Kelly

Academics in Africa

Traditional defences of the discipline are based on unsound reasoning, writes James Nikopoulos

Modern languages feature montage

Six academics offer their views on the state of language learning in a populist climate

Matthew Reisz reflects on the role of universities in overcoming monolingualism

Edith Craig with her mother Ellen Terry

Big questions remain unanswered about an important female Modernist theatre-maker all but written out of history, says Liz Schafer

Illustration of a gavel

Sarah Wise on how the insanity plea developed in English law and why ‘homicidal mania’ became acceptable to experts

Michael Parkin illustration (26 January 2017)

A scholar of the past returns to a Britain he thought he knew – and finds himself averting his gaze in despair. Felipe Fernández-Armesto mourns

Hospital, healthcare, ward,

During a hospital stay, Emily Michelson learned why the humanities and sciences are in no way opposites

Chinese Shakespeare

New academic partnership to build on the country’s deeper ‘engagement with world literature’

James Fryer illustration (19 January 2017)

Universities teach attention to evidence and fact-based reasoning, which 1930s Germany, 1990s Rwanda and now today’s US show us are vital, argues Donald E. Hall

Two volunteers try out the 'social sphere' for two - plastic speech bubbles that allow you to hold a private conversation in noisy pubs and clubs

Discipline needs to forge new research agendas and promote its benefits more effectively, workshop hears

Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
Woman dressed as a superhero

Formation of British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies follows ‘explosion’ of teaching and research

Two teenage girls in a messy bedroom

A study of adolescents’ spaces unlocks mysteries and nostalgia. Enter if you dare, says Emma Rees

Book burning

From the first fires to other forms of prohibition, a first-rate study charts a complex history, says Robert Gellately

Learning languages

American Academy of Arts and Sciences warns that problem exists from school right through to university