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Civil servant status and national pay scales mean senior academics earn less than peers elsewhere

Report warns of risk of overlooking women, internal candidates and those from ethnic minorities

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Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman offer advice on climbing the career ladder

Cleveland, Ohio, USA - July 20, 2016: Participants in the 'Wall Off Trump' immigration march and rally demonstrate outside the Quicken Loans Arena, site of the Republican National Convention, on its third day.

Researcher warns that anti-immigrant sentiment could affect pipeline of academic talent

Steve Keen, Kingston University

Steve Keen laments loss of ‘time and freedom’ for universities’ ‘original thinkers’

Fears that Scottish institution will be first of many institutions to make cuts

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To mark International Women’s Day, academics and administrators reflect on leadership challenges

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Duke University’s Valerie Ashby says institutions must be more ‘intentional’ about finding ethnic minority PhD candidates

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Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher

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Scholars report higher levels of depressive symptoms and social withdrawal

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Research finds that working overseas can boost PhD holders’ salaries 


Living next to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. But will the election of a divisive president see more Americans pack their trunks and trump, trump, trump up to Canada? asks Glen Jones

People at the 'Step into the Void' installation in the French Alps, France

Lack of opportunities and local hiring practices have stopped many French scientists from returning to their homeland, a new study says

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Academics enjoy teaching. What they don’t like is the lack of preparation time, bureaucratic burdens, unprepared students – and the TEF. Jack Grove reports

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Tired of the lies and back-patting that CVs are made of, Roger Watson eyes an alternative with a long list of virtues

Research funding for business and management

Research grant available but institution job 'normally' required before applying

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Universities need to open up communication channels to help retain women in science, says study

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Lecturer Rachel Moss on the casualties of a demanding academic culture

Overall higher education staff headcount up 2 per cent, new data reveal

University teaching

Study into the experiences of universities’ top teaching faculty is revealing about the real priorities, says Holly Else