Students protesting against Brexit

Sector figures say government proposals fail to guarantee future for academics based in the UK

Prize vegetables

Hefce tells English universities that confidentiality agreements should be ‘the exception rather than the norm’

Man dragging heavy luggage

Peter Cherry knew something was wrong when other applicants arrived in Madrid with several suitcases of documents

Dying lion

Publication of data showing long-term graduate earnings by discipline has huge potential to improve higher education, says Jack Britton

Father with baby

Alex Holmes was surprised by the reaction of some of his colleagues when he took shared parental leave

Technician working in lab

Sector-wide initiative led by Science Council seeks to address ‘overlooked’ part of academic workforce

elderly woman outside oxford university

Researchers have triggered another vote over rules they believe to be ‘unlawful’ and ‘unfair’

Vice-chancellor believes international scholars can be tempted away from the golden triangle and to the North of England

Policeman and boy wearing police costume

Terry Dray explains what other institutions can learn from Liverpool John Moores University’s recent review of career development services

Sally Hunt explains why employers must change their ‘counterproductive’ attitudes towards risk to avoid further cuts to academic pensions

builder moving drywall

All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

University of Manchester

UCU figures on job cut plans in 2017 reveal scholars’ vulnerability in wake of Brexit and TEF

Mind the gap

Wilfrid Laurier University is latest institution to address male and female professor wage gap

Duke University

Attack on event's 'totalitarian tendencies' seen as attempt to 'humiliate' colleague

parts of statues

Medieval employment practice used by University of Amsterdam may help to preserve under-threat humanities disciplines, experts say

Man throwing axes

UCU attacks plans to cut 171 posts, but university denies Brexit 'the reason'

eroding coastline

THE analysis of Hesa data also shows that gender pay gap for professors remains stubborn

Oman, Muscat

Yusra Mouzughi on the many dilemmas faced when recruiting staff to a brand-new university

Researcher talks of anger over job loss caused by federal hiring freeze

stranded at airport
US academic highlights risks for internationally mobile foreign scholars looking to settle in UK