Age discrimination

In-depth examination of researchers’ career paths suggests few adhere to long-held stereotype that the young publish more

The entrepreneur and philanthropist on not going to university, student start-up mistakes and Brexit

Australian farmers

Leading higher education professionals heading for executive teams of Australian universities

Latina student

Lagging degree attainment leads to Latinos becoming stuck in middle-wage tiers of labour market, says study

Catalan flag

Education minister sees break from Spain as a path to more ‘competition and excellence’ in hiring, firing and leadership

pregnant, maternity

Jessica Johnson on the challenges of arranging maternity cover

Disappointed fan

Extended senior management survey finds that employees are extremely unhappy with the people running universities

Capsule beds

Study finds that universities in big urban centres produce less highly cited research than institutions elsewhere

Black female scientist

Many researchers also ‘harbour unrealistic expectations’ about academic careers

careers book

Leru says that commission’s focus should be on improving scholars’ employment prospects

Sports car

Sally Hunt lambastes university employment models, which she says would be more at home in Sports Direct

Michael Arthur

UCL head warns that decision to leave European Union ‘affecting our ability to recruit and retain the very best’

Nobel prizewinner

A survey of 50 laureates is full of insight, warnings and the can-do attitudes powering ‘beautiful minds’

Asia map

In the last two decades the number of mainland students going abroad to study has increased more than twentyfold, but what does this mean for employment, asks Ka Ho Mok

Mick Marston illustration (17 August 2017)

Spreading the word on social media about research can help academics get ahead, but is it too much of a distraction, asks Brooke Erin Duffy

Saudi Arabia skyscraper

'Saudisation' drive sees public institutions urged to hire local staff

Week in HE cartoon 10 August

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Universities are at least aware of the gender pay problem, says Alex Holmes, but there is still work to be done

Technology in higher education

How can higher education prepare students for jobs that do not even exist yet? asks Christina Slade

hole in ground

‘Drastic action’ required to fix multibillion-pound shortfall in Universities Superannuation Scheme, expert warns