University management ‘actively misled’ union representatives and wanted to keep members ‘in the dark’, tribunal rules

Glass ceiling

With women still under-represented at the top levels of research, some see the rise of more explicit ‘affirmative action’ on gender becoming more common

Railway tracks

Garlanded Yorkshire institution denies claims that cuts are related to financial pressures or research ambitions

Kenya higher education

Union says teaching will not resume until additional funding has arrived in university accounts

Sally Hunt offers three ways to fix the proposed USS pension reforms

Discount store

Plans would ‘devastate’ members’ pensions, warns UCU after actuarial analysis

Man holding euros forcing woman to sign

Police crack down on academics for delivering external lectures and supervising exams and PhDs at other universities, saying it breaks work permit rules


Hilary Benn also suggests that UK’s future in Horizon 2020 is not necessarily contingent on free movement


UCU says move will 'raise further questions about the priorities of senior managers'

Pensions protester

University and College Union will ballot members on a national walkout over plans to move staff to defined contribution pension scheme

University and College Union warns Russell Group institution will struggle to raise teaching quality while cutting jobs

woman BME satisfaction UCU

Broad-brush efforts to support female and ethnic minority academics will not address ‘multidimensional inequality’, says Warwick professor

South African campus

Tipping point likely to be between 2020 and 2025, new demographic analysis suggests


Universities not doing enough to protect staff from harm, researchers say

Old man stretching

In-depth examination of researchers’ career paths suggests few adhere to long-held stereotype that the young publish more

The entrepreneur and philanthropist on not going to university, student start-up mistakes and Brexit

Australian farmers

Leading higher education professionals heading for executive teams of Australian universities

Latina student

Lagging degree attainment leads to Latinos becoming stuck in middle-wage tiers of labour market, says study

Catalan flag

Education minister sees break from Spain as a path to more ‘competition and excellence’ in hiring, firing and leadership

pregnant, maternity

Jessica Johnson on the challenges of arranging maternity cover