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The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews

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More UK and EU students begin master’s programmes, but Indian and Nigerian enrolments fall

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Top diplomat says the collapse in Indian student numbers in the UK could destroy traditionally strong links between the two countries

New policy may not benefit poorer households, say officials                

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But latest figures from the ONS show granting of study visas in UK HE remained stable 


Living next to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. But will the election of a divisive president see more Americans pack their trunks and trump, trump, trump up to Canada? asks Glen Jones

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If Trump and Brexit are the problem, universities are part of the solution, says Sally Hunt. But we must do better than we have

Widening participation

But new Offa guidance appears to stop short of mandating universities to sponsor them

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Some members of Russell Group still lag behind sector on access for state school students

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Key figures from the sector have their say on ‘worrying’ figures

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Universities will need to abandon present ‘constipated’ models and follow Uber’s lead to appeal to prospective students

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David Lammy 'concerned' at universities approach to issue
A young couple painted as EU flags protest on outside Downing Street against the United Kingdom's decision to leave the EU following the referendum

Capital’s institutions have highest reliance on European students, THE analysis of latest Hesa data finds

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Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
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New president boosts education budget so students do not have to pay

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Education Ministry statistics reveal programmes that have attracted zero students

Commemorative stone marking opposition to tuition fees, Heriot-Watt University

It is written in stone that Scottish students will not pay fees, but Chris Havergal reports on worries that this stance is bad for access and sustainability

Group of BMX riders fall during race

Ucas end of cycle report also shows that number of EU undergraduates accepted on to courses reached record high

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Positive discrimination helps students more than it hinders them, find Dennis Epple and Lowell Taylor

University application approved

Despite concern about the use of predicted grades, Mary Curnock Cook believes the way students apply for university works well