Latina student

Lagging degree attainment leads to Latinos becoming stuck in middle-wage tiers of labour market, says study

Stephen Toope

Institution’s Canadian leader tackles executive remuneration, Brexit and diversifying the university’s student intake in THE interview

Man and little boy wearing suits standing on tube platform

Latest OECD figures suggest that some countries such as the US are a long way behind others on social mobility

Triathlon swimmers

Nick Hillman makes call in book that aims to influence Conservative policy

Engineers in workshop

UMBC president calls for shift in institutional culture at Times Higher Education forum

South Korea government assembly

Ministry says 11 universities breached regulations by asking questions not covered in school curriculum

Widening participation

The loss of Supporting Professionalism in Admissions would be bad news for students, says Les Ebdon

Global collaboration

The capital’s universities must use increased tuition fee revenue to improve access for disadvantaged students, says Tony Halmos

Widening participation

Administrator taking over from Les Ebdon as director of fair access must speak out on need for student diversity, says sector expert

Stressed admissions tutor

A national postgraduate admissions system would allow universities to improve planning, enhance student satisfaction and widen participation, says Michelle Morgan

Windows on a building

Despite putting more money into improving access, the top universities still struggle, finds Emilie Sundorph


Universities face new diversity challenge as middle-class parents push to secure places for children at top institutions, says former University of Warwick boss

Anti-Trump protest

Andrew Hamilton suggests lure of New York will help it to ride out political storms

Hungarian police

With the Hungarian government clamping down on universities and championing labourers over philosophers, David Matthews meets those living with the consequences

Smug man stretching braces

Les Ebdon says that he came ‘close’ to rejecting access agreements in ‘one of the toughest’ rounds of negotiation yet

Black man and white man walking on high street
Parts of the UK higher education system are far less diverse than you might think
Popsicle in a small hot pool

The number of students without a place as A-level results announced down by 13 per cent

A level results day

Lower-ranked institutions lose out as drop in EU and mature student applications drive decline

Malta fishing boat zonqor university US campus plan jordan de paul

University of Malta could offer financial incentive for students who apply with a Maltese qualification

admissions Ucas contextual data

Think carefully about treating students differently because of their backgrounds