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Ivy League institution revoked offers to 10 students after learning they had mocked sexual assault and made racist comments 

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While participation has continued to grow under £9,000 fee regime, researchers argue efforts to widen access would be helped by abolition of fees

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A student funding system in Ontario that brings together sources of financial help will be watched closely by other provinces seeking to increase access, says Glen Jones


Moves to privilege community service in university admissions will create even more social justice warriors when what we need are more deep thinkers, argues Alexander Zubatov


Removing the cap on subsidised sub-bachelor’s places in public universities will pull the rug out from under technical and further education providers offering similar qualifications, says Gavin Moodie

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Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman explain how to negotiate your annual performance and development review

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International Higher Education Group aims to reduce costs and increase choice for international students eyeing up Western universities

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Overemphasis of traditional academic silos is not preparing young people to address the environmental, political and biomedical abyss opening up before us, says Eric Macfarlane


Australian policymakers have moved to link funding to student retention. But they must accept that desirable trends don’t all arise in perfect harmony, says Andrew Norton

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Leading universities could widen access without harming academic standards or budgets, report says

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Mary Curnock Cook on bantering with Rob Brydon, and whether the organisation is too commercial
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Newman v-c suspects ‘drive to limit number of institutions that are able to recruit international students’
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Country needs a more fair and transparent admissions system, says head of Supreme Council of Universities

‘Overwhelming’ evidence that initiatives targeted at disadvantaged groups increase access

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Recognising the dominant role of intelligence in academic performance is key to ending the underperformance of poor and minority students, says Richard J. Haier

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Current head of Worcestershire County Council will succeed Mary Curnock Cook

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Teenagers who received personalised letters more likely to get into Russell Group institutions

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The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews

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More UK and EU students begin master’s programmes, but Indian and Nigerian enrolments fall

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Top diplomat says the collapse in Indian student numbers in the UK could destroy traditionally strong links between the two countries