Biblical illiteracy

December 14, 2017

If Cedarville University is intent on implementing a “biblically consistent curriculum” (“New teaching policy ‘confuses education with indoctrination’”, News, 30 November) that leaves plenty of room for the inclusion of R-rated, adult material.

I don’t know which Bible Cedarville is using, but mine includes Lot’s daughters’ incest with their drunken father (Genesis xix, 30-38), multiple rapes (Genesis xxxiv, 2; II Samuel xiii; Judges ixx, 22), David’s adultery (II Samuel xi-xii), Solomon’s 700 wives and 300 concubines (I Kings xi, 3), Ezekiel’s “pornoprophetics” (Ezekiel xvi and xxiii), the whore of Babylon (Revelation xvii), not to mention the numerous ultra-violent, genocidal texts in the Bible (eg, I Samuel xv). The conservative Christians of Cedarville don’t know their Bible.

David R. Law
Professor of Christian thought and philosophical theology
University of Manchester

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