Letter: shrinking pensions could lead to recruitment disaster

January 18, 2018
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We write as senior academics to express our concern about the proposal from Universities UK to end guaranteed pension payments in the Universities Superannuation Scheme (“UUK reforms ‘will cut USS pensions by up to 40 per cent’”, News, 30 November).

The USS is the main pension scheme for academic and related staff in the pre-92 institutions and, since its foundation, has provided a decent income in retirement for hundreds of thousands of people. In a sector where many would earn more working in the private sector, the USS pension has provided compensation for relatively modest salaries and has acted as a magnet for talented overseas staff.

The UUK proposals mean the replacement of guaranteed pensions with a defined contribution scheme that will be wholly dependent on movements in stocks and shares. First Actuarial estimates that a typical lecturer will receive £208,000 less under the proposals than presently. For universities that rely on the USS to help recruit and retain staff this will be a disaster, with lecturers enjoying retirement income of an estimated £400,000 less than their colleagues in the rival Teachers’ Pension Scheme, which mainly enrols staff in post-92 universities.

Young university staff work hard yet have endured years of pay restraint and casual contracts, while watching many at the top enjoy great rewards. Now that the USS – arguably the best aspect of the employment package – is at risk, we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with all our colleagues, and especially the next generation, to defend our profession.

Professor John Kelly

Professor James Ladyman

Professor Jon Tonge

Professor Ed Hall

Professor Fintan Cullen

Professor Marc Goergen

Professor Heidy Mader

Professor Richard Nolan

Professor Andrew Lemmey

Professor J D Biggins

Professor Jonothan Neelands

Professor Evgeny Dobrenko

Professor Daniel Siemens

Professor Nicki Hitchcott

Professor Graham Turner

Professor Jutta Weldes

Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo

Professor Sally R Munt

Professor Eve Rosenhaft

Professor Fiona Macmillan

Professor Elisabeth Dedman

Professor Michael Otsuka

Professor Alexander Schekochihin

Professor John Gough

Professor Grace James

Professor Sarah Salway

Professor Andrew Watterson

Professor Jonathan Burnside

Professor Bill Lee

Professor Keith Ewing

Professor Stephen Payne

Professor Andreas Bieler

Professor Adrian Hartley

Professor Frank Sengpiel

Professor of Frank McGroarty

Professor Jeremy Dawson

Professor Graham Room

Professor David Attwell

Professor David C Lane

Professor Anthony Carbery

Professor Richard Dawson

Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson

Professor Andrew Bennett

Professor Peter Emery

Professor Paul Dowling

Professor Peter Kitson

Professor Julian Ketley

Professor Ros King

Professor Paul Hallett

Professor Finbarr O'Harte

Professor Chris Read

Professor Alex Sharpe

Professor Daniel McLaughlin

Professor Hamish Cunningham

Professor Peter McDermott

Professor Christoph Ortner

Professor Raymond Dalgleish

Professor Gareth Gaskell

Professor Alison Avenell

Professor Mike Danson

Professor Peter Styles

Professor Colleen McLaughlin

Professor John Arnold

Professor Andrew Meirion Jones

Professor Alex Lascarides

Professor Jan Skakle

Professor Oriel Sullivan

Professor Steve Vincent

Professor Raimund Karl

Professor Jennifer Rusted

Professor Christopher Partridge

Professor Hugh Lauder

Professor Keming Yu

Professor Alun Davies

Professor Michael Ford QC

Professor Tom Bridgeland

Professor Terry Burke

Professor Julian Eastoe

Professor Eleanor Casella

Professor Edith Hall

Professor Ben Rickayzen

Professor Zoran Milutinovic

Professor Justin Dillon

Professor Erik Swyngedouw

Professor Ruth Aylett

Professor David Firth

Professor Catherine Mitchell

Professor Hermann Muller

Professor Janet Watson

Professor Emma Murphy

Professor Greg Woolf

Professor Stephen Shennan

Professor Maria R Conte

Professor Naomi Fulop

Professor Leif Isaksen

Professor Geoff Cloke

Professor Gregory Claeys

Professor Toby Knowles

Professor John O'Brien

Professor Paul Halstead

Professor Derek Steele

Professor Alberto Smith

Professor Bruno Frenguelli

Professor Elizabeth Silva

Professor Sarah Price

Professor Stuart Weeks

Professor Aoife Nolan

Professor Stephen Maybank

Professor Jon Slate

Professor Stephen Church

Professor Thomas Scharf

Professor Said Boussakta

Professor Andrew Murray

Professor David Applebaum

Professor Simon Ross

Professor Mashood Baderin

Professor Pete Stollery

Professor Rizgar A Mageed

Professor David Fuller

Professor Colin Selman

Professor Marcus Power

Professor Mike Cheetham

Professor Katy Gardner

Professor Davide Mattia

Professor Mark Fromhold

Professor Dai Stephens

Professor Susan E Evans

Professor Cheryl McEwan

Professor Kirstie Ball

Professor Mirna Dzamonja

Professor Mark Stuart

Professor Huw Beynon

Professor Richard Jackman

Professor Harry Collins

Professor Robert Barton

Professor Linda Davies

Professor Steven Tobias

Professor John Holmwood

Professor Tony Dundon

Professor Alfredo Saad Filho

Professor Colin Snape

Professor Peter Mullany

Professor Sarah Blandy

Professor James Lenman

Professor Barry Bogin

professor Davina Cooper

Professor Austin Smith

Professor Roy Sainsbury

Professor Peter G Smith CBE

Prof Vian Bakir

Professor Catherine Pope

Professor Charlotte Villiers

Professor Brian Whalley

Professor Andrew Murray

Professor Karen Wilson

Professor John Drakakis

Professor Scott McCracken

Professor Ann Williams

Professor Ismet Gursul

Professor George M. Coghill

Professor Michael Howard

Professor Andrew Prescott

Professor Rosalind Brown-Grant

Professor Sarah Colvin

Emeritus Professor Dennis Leech

Professor Tony Prosser

Professor Sergey Piletsky

Professor Peter M Jackson

Professor Jenny Barrett

Professor Stuart Allan

Professor Ray Monk

Professor Helen Gilbert

Professor Michael Mangan

Professor Jonathan Halliwell

Professor John Pinkerton

Professor Martin Speight

Professor John Sidel

Professor Goran Ungar

Professor Nick Ellis

Professor Caroline Knowles

Professor Neil Bermel

Professor Toby Tyrrell

Professor Paul Routledge

Professor Klaus G Zauner

Professor William W Sampson

Professor Mike Stewart

Professor Peter Worsley

Professor Vikki Bell

Professor Christine Ferguson

Professor Barbara Summers

Professor Jeremy Turnbull

Professor Timothy Mathews

Professor George A Constantinides

Professor James Davenport

Professor Nick Bacon

Professor Nick Hewlett

Professor Gabor Csanyi

Professor Michael Reed

Professor M Barigou

Professor Tom Johnstone

Professor Michael Murray

Professor Gino G Raymond

Professor Carl Thompson

Professor Isabelle Perez

Professor Matthew Jefferies

Professor Glyn Johnson

Professor Sarah Ennis

Professor Simon Morris

Professor Michael Melgaard

Professor Rick Wilford

Professor Rosalind Edwards

Professor Nick Taylor

Professor Martin Barstow

Professor Christine Oughton

Professor John Schad

Professor Clare Bradley

Professor P Marliere

Professor John Brodholt

Professor Catriona McKinnon

Professor James Dickins

Professor Donald McGillivray

Professor Martyn Chipperfield

Professor Stuart Elden

Professor Karin Friedrich

Professor Ben Rogaly

Professor Alejandro Frangi

Professor Mark Eisler

Professor Hans van Wees

Dr Greg Michaelson

Professor Paul Dauncey

Professor Panos Athanasopoulos

Professor Roy Chantrell

Professor Stuart Jenkins

Professor Sanjay Seth

Professor Hugh Kennedy

Professor Laura Empson

Professor Malcolm Kennedy

Professor Jo Brewis

Professor Chris Armstrong

Professor Andrew Challinor

Professor Luis Araujo

Professor Steven French

Professor David Wengrow

Professor Boguslaw Zegarlinski

Professor Victorian Robinson

Professor Gregory Radick

Professor Marek Korczynski

Professor Ana-Maria Fuertes

Professor Haroun Mahgerefteh

Professor Alfons Weber

Professor Elaine Hobby

Professor Emeritus

Professor Helen Hills

Professor Simon Austin

Professor Philip Steadman

Professor Daniel Langton

Professor Phil Coates

Professor Paul Dyson

Professor Jonathan Millar

Professor Robert Evans

Professor Muireann Quigley

Professor Andrew Leak

Professor Trevor Dale

Professor Ralph Darlington

Professor Dominic Janes

Professor Kimberley Reynolds

Professor David Wild

Professor Ruth McDonald

Professor Elwyn Isaac

Professor Ian Howarth

Professor Brian T  Sutcliffe

Professor Adrian Burgess

Professor David E Evans

Professor Eef Hogervorst

Professor Nina Laurie

Professor David Whittaker

Professor Gary Carvalho

Professor Josie McLellan

Professor Humayun Ansari

Professor Peter M Day

Professor Paul Norman

Professor Kay Schiller

Professor Julian Savulescu

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Professor Alan Riach

Professor Jonathan Steed

Professor Ralph Fevre

Professor Leslie S Smith

Professor David Byrne

Professor Mark Brown

Professor Peter O'Shaughnessy

Professor John Gillingham

Professor Steven Greer

Professor Phil Trinder

Professor Robin Perutz

Professor James Neil

Professor Jan-Peter Muller

Professor Walter Moberly

Professor James Dooley

Professor Paul Mummery

Professor Simon Clarke

Professor Miriam Zukas

Professor Steven Toms

Professor James A Sweeney

Professor William P Jones

Professor Kim H. Parker

Professor Philippa Garety

Professor Mike Hulme

Professor Sally Sheldon

Professor Mark Tadajewski

Professor David Matthews

Professor Melissa Percival

Professor Gordon McMullan

Dr Ross Balzaretti

Professor Susan Chilton

Professor Kim Christensen

Professor Robert F Harrison

Professor Dr Jurgen Enders

Professor Rolland Munro

Professor Jane Seymour

Professor David Leat

Professor Lucy Mazdon

Professor Jeff Frank

Professor Jonathan Hirst

Professor Richard Murphy

Professor Gerard Carruthers

Professor Lindsay Farmer

Professor Sergey Kasparov

Professor Stephen Morse

Professor Katharine Reid

Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz

Professor Paul Mitchell

Professor Phylip Rhodri Williams

Professor Patrick Stevenson

Professor Mervyn Frost

Professor Alan Simpson

Professor Christopher Fox

Professor James Moore

Professor Eleanor Robson

Professor Andrew Trafford

Professor David Moon

Professor Ralph Penny

Professor Bob Simpson

Professor Janice McLaughlin

Professor Allison Drew

Professor Christopher Harding

Professor Richard G Compton

Professor Steve Bruce

Professor Phillip Mizen

Professor Claire Callender

Professor Chris Allton

Professor Armin Reichold

Professor Sayantan Ghoa

Professor Frances Wall

Professor Werner Bonfeld

Professor Danny McCarroll

Professor Simon P Newman

Professor Alistair Pike

Professor Adrian Bagust

Professor Mark Jones

Professor Jonathan Gabe

Professor Nigel Leask

Professor John Mowitt

Professor Philip Andrew Wookey

Professor Alison Bullock

Professor Graham Dunn

Professor Simon Moore

Professor Christopher Cramer

Professor Diane M Fraser

Professor Robert Ford

Professor Chris Lawn

Professor Simon Gay

Professor Mary Rees

Professor Pericles Pilidis 

Professor Barbara Goodwin

Professor Bulent Gokay

Professor Ian A McFarland

Professor Peter Bartlett

Professor David Rand

Professor Kevin C F Fone

Professor Liam Kennedy

Professor Fiona Macpherson

Professor Ann L Mackenzie

Professor Mike Begon

Professor Ross D King

Professor Ray Land

Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett

Professor Michael Wilkinson

Professor Stephen Hinchcliffe

Professor Jim Q Smith

Professor David Manning

Professor James Clark

Professor Peter Moody

Professor Peter Knight

Professor Paul Beard

Professor Andrew Hook

Professor Tony Crowley

Professor Peter Muchlinski

Professor Gilbert Achcar

Professor Lorna Hutson

Professor Martin Luck

Professor Duncan Matthews

Professor Derek A Tocher

Professor Charles Vincent

Professor Ewart Keep

Professor Eric Blair

Professor Alexis Comber

Professor Eric Fraga

Professor Anna Grear

Professor Ian White

Professor Rosemary Auchmuty

Professor Helen Hackett

Professor Alastair Bonnett

Professor John Goodby

Professor Geoffrey Chew

Professor Nick Bailey

Professor David Cobham

Professor Mark Tibbett

Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble

Professor Stephen Power

Professor Mark Pollicott

Professor Ioannis Theodossiou

Professor Adrian E Long

Professor John Sweeney

Professor Richard Seaford

Professor Roberta Pearson

Professor  John Sparrow

Professor Huw Pryce

Professor Clare Elwell

Professor Paul Stewart

Professor Mick Carpenter

Professor Ken MacKinnon

Professor Harm van Marwijk

Professor Richard Smith

Professor John Mingers

Professor Guy Halsall

Professor David Bates

Professor Chris Newdick

Professor Bridget Fowler

Professor John Quenby

Professor Stephen Parker

Professor Susan Michie

Professor Kevin Featherstone

Professor Simon Goodwin

Professor Rudolf A Roemer

Professor Andrew Colman

Professor AW Moore

Professor Alan Felstead

Professor James A Beckford

Professor Michael Toolan

Professor Peter Hancock

Professor Serguei Komissarov

Professor Robert E Wright

Professor Bernadine Evaristo MBE

Professor Nicholas J Fox

Professor Philip Crang

Professor Timothy Spiller

Professor Hayley Fowler

Professor Tonia Novitz

Professor Helen Gunter

Professor Carrie Paechter

Professor Laurie Stras

Professor Alex Callinicos

Professor Ian Montgomery

Professor Stefan Hoppler

Professor Adrian Kear

Professor Patience Schell

Professor Alison McKay

Professor Chris Wickham

Professor Peter Griffiths

Professor Philip Mountford

Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos

Professor Christopher Kilsby

Professor Peter Lunt

Professor Susan Sellers

Professor John Mathers

Professor Jim A Thomas

Professor Martin Beirne

Professor Neville Morley

Professor Peter Scott

Professor Fionn Stevenson

Professor Leila Simona

Professor Richard De La Rue

Professor James Newell

Professor Robert Hollands

Professor Kypros Pilakoutas

Professor Nick Barton

Profess Paul Lodge

Professor David Hunter

Professor Bettina Platt

Professor Philip Tew

Professor WM Rainforth

Professor Roger Matthews

Professor Martyn Jones

Professor Julia Twigg

Professor Richard Friend

Professor John Bowen

Professor Fiona Measham

Professor Colin McCaig

Professor Nicholas Miller

Professor Nick Dorrell

Professor Ronan O'Carroll

Professor Eric Herring

Professor Ian Bell

Professor Ivor Mason

Professor Colin Thain

Professor David Collison

Professor John Langley

Professor Chris Berry

Professor Steven Brown

Professor Leon Aarons

Professor Willy Maley

Professor Jeffrey G Duckett

Professor Jonathan Robbins

Professor Ulrich Guenther

Professor Sharon Ruston

Professor Colin Harrison

Professor  William Steen

Professor Tom Pike

Professor Rajmil Fischman

Professor Georgina Jackson

Professor Luis E Cuevas

Professor Jack Mellor

Professor Ray Bush

Professor John Weinman

Professor John Holmes

Professor Lasse Rempe-Gillen

Professor Patricia Lundy

Professor Keith Worden

Professor Kees van Deemter

Professor Andreas Fring

Professor Ailsa Land

Professor William Gaver

Professor Joe Painter

Professor David Calderbank

Professor John Ward

Professor Raymond Jones

Professor Richard Ball

Professor Kenneth Brown

Professor Henry Phillips

Professor Chris McManus

Professor Francesco Izzo

Professor Michael Whitaker

Professor Bill Bowring

Professor Mick Grierson

Professor Simon Higgins

Professor Ian Jones

Professor Jamie Angus

Professor Ronnie Lippens

Professor Sally Wyke

Professor Simon Bending

Professor David Gordon

Professor Bob Jessop

Professor Chris Brewin

Professor Thomas Munck

Professor Mark Andrew Lindsay

Professor Nelarine Cornelius

Professor Jonathan Tennyson

Professor David Platten

Professor Tim Atkinson

Professor Martin Shepperd

Professor J Martin Collinson

Professor Antony Manstead

Professor Julian Rushton

Professor Peter A Wright

Professor Richard North

Professor Philip Meredith

Professor Beverley Skeggs

Professor John Rodgers

Professor Yuval Millo

Professor Julie M Harris

Professor Peter Stanfield

Professor Irena Grugulis

Professor Peter Salway

Professor Helen Roberts

Professor Nicky Priaulx

Professor of Phil FG Banfill

Professor Elizabeth Pye

Professor Gurminder K Bhambra

Professor Sarah Whitehouse

Professor John Wildman

Professor Gary Bridge

Professor Howard Hotson

Professor Stephan Beck

Professor Andy Hamilton

Professor Chris Bundy

Professor Nick Freemantle

Professor Phil Syrpis

Professor Stephen Driscoll

Professor Peter Wells

Professor Elena Nardi

Professor Catherine Karkov

Professor Stephen Graham

Professor Roger Smith

Professor Ulrike Hanna Meinhof

Professor Andrew Louth

Professor Stephen Tooth

Professor Michael Wadsworth

Professor Zoe Matthews

Professor John Fletcher

Professor Anne Phillips

Professor Johnnie Johnson

Professor Simon Wheeler

Professor Alan Mackie

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky

Professor Simon Rushton

Dr Hassan Hakimian

Professor Pete Dorey

Professor Constantine Sedikides

Professor Ken Peattie

Professor Andrew Rothwell

Professor Pam Stapleton

Professor Naomi Chayen

Professor Laura A Lewis

Professor Gary P Martin

Professor John Culling

Professor William Matthew Colwyn Foulkes

Professor George Halikias

Professor Jean Michel Massing

Professor John Armitage

Professor Tariq Modood

Professor Peter Mandler

Professor Robert West

Professor Gregor Gall

Dr Ruth Stirton

Professor Tim Jickells

Professor Patrick Green

Professor Wouter Poortinga

Professor Erica Fudge

Professor Alexander Bird

Professor Linda Greensmith

Professor Tim Howell

Professor Debbie Foster

Professor of John Pryor

Professor Peter Stanfield

Professor Anne Green

Professor Hassan Molana

Professor Martin Parker

Professor Philip Welch

Professor Marcel Jaspars

Professor David Jackson

Professor Seralynne Vann

Professor F Anthony Lai

Professor Anthony Morrison

Professor Paul Sillitoe

Professor Mike Wallace

Professor John Chartres

Professor Fabrice Pierron

Dr Joseph Smith

Professor Jorge Di­az-Cintas

Professor David Jane

Professor Phil Irving

Professor Nick Williams

Professor Robert P Gilles

Professor Joy Delhanty

Professor Ann Oakley

Professor George Walkden

Professor Peter Green

Professor Elaine Unterhalter

Professor Jeanice Brooks

Professor Slavo Radosevic

Professor Ben Hannigan

Professor Simon Gunn

Professor John Chalker

Professor Nigel Badnell

Professor Andy Morse

Professor Jennifer Richards

Professor Nick Couldry

Professor Kavita Vedhara

Professor Peter H Wilson

Professor John Preston

Prof Ingunn Hole

Professor Anne Stafford

Professor Nancy Cartwright

Professor Alison Wray

Professor Daniel Katz

Professor Philippa Reed

Professor David Crouch

Professor Raphael Kaplinsky

Professor David Smith

Professor Helen Cassaday

Professor Mary Heimann

Professor Laurence Marius Harwood

Professor Nick Pearce

Professor Richard Apps

Professor Roger Woods

Professor Jerome Gauntlett

Professor Stephen Coombes

Professor Mike Higton

Professor Peter Weightman

Professor Nuno Ferreira

Professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein

Professor Caroline Heycock

Professor Charles Sutcliffe

Professor John Offer

Professor Jane Sandall

Professor Andy Wood

Professor Christopher Fewster

Dr Alan Reeve

Professor Colin D Bingle

Professor Jimmy Donaghey

Professor Bridget Wade

Professor Elizabeth Peel

Professor Noel Hyndman

Professor Mark Whitehorn

Professor Judy Wajcman

Professor Christopher Adam Tout

Professor David Treece

Professor Timon Screeh

Professor Peter Raynor

Professor Guglielmo Meardi

Professor Apostolos Pilaftsis

Professor Ziad Elmarsafy

Professor Duska Rosenberg

Professor David B Clarke

Professor David Wyllie

Professor Chris Warhurst

Professor Rade Vignjevic

Professor Karen Ross

Professor John Bowers

Professor Malcolm Crook

Professor Lucy Suchman

Professor John Christie McGrath

Professor Anthony Mandal

Professor Michael Bohlander

Professor Roland Gehrels

Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia

Professor Pat Caplan

Professor Rob Briner

Professor Anders Holmberg

Professor Kieran Walshe

Professor Keith Sillar

Professor Rosanna Keefe

Professor David Howard

Professor Stuart Carter

Professor Helen Kennedy

Professor Amalia Arvaniti

Professor Martin Buck

Professor Jane Hart

Professor Gilad Livne

Professor Nancy Edwards

Professor Jan van den Heuvel

Professor Catia Montagna

Professor Anthony Isles

Professor Marjorie Mayo

Professor Jane Duckett

Professor Davide Nicolini

Professor Marco Carrozzo

Professor David Ireland

Professor Geoff King

Professor Pekka Vayrynen

Professor Leo McCann

Professor Khelifa Mazouz

Professor Jorg Richter

Professor Andrew S Pullin

Professor Justin Willis

Professor Nigel Clark

Professor Hazel Inskip

Professor Kimberly Hutchings

Professor Mark Pallen

Professor S Hall

Professor Faye Hammill

Professor John Harris

Professor Gordon J T Tiddy

Professor Patricia Lundy

Professor Terrell Carver

Professor Huw Dixon

Professor Kenneth McK. Norrie

Professor Keith Bender

Professor Jane Harrigan

Professor Sue Heath

Professor Sarah Bracking

Professor Rosemary Hunter

Professor Janice Barton

Professor Marc Buehner

Professor Rob Walker

Professor Dan Bader

Professor Christopher Bertram

Professor Alan Brown

Professor Robert Moore

Professor Piers Hellawell

Professor Andrew Russell

Professor Steven A Julious

Professor Catherine Leyshon

Professor Gordon Walker

Professor Sarah Green

Professor John McKinnell

Professor Tony Royle

Professor Richard Cleminson

Professor Timothy Henstock

Professor Chris Chatwin

Professor George Dickson

Professor Stephen Price

Professor Claire Taylor

Professor Roland Gehrels

Professor Euan Brechin

Professor Jonathan Silvertown

Professor Douglas Cairns

Professor James Pattison

Professor Roger Davies

Professor Peter Nelson

Professor Susan Broadhurst

Professor JM Figueroa-O'Farrill

Dr Sherrill Stroschein

Professor Thomas Weber

Professor Heiko Balzter

Professor Marianne van den Bree

Dr Kevan Edinborough

Professor Barbara E Borg

Professor Didi Herman

Professor Edmund Herzig

Professor Charles Kelly

Professor Juliane Reinecke

Professor J. W. Rogerson

Professor John Wainwright

Professor Darren Monckton

Professor Stephen Salter

Professor Ted Honderich

Professor Sarah Vickerstaff

Dr Martin Nickson

Professor Denis McManus

Professor Vanessa Martin

Professor Antonella Sorace

Professor Diana Jeater

Professor Colin Sutherland

Dr Martin Fry

Professor Simon Lilley

Professor Richard M Walmsley

Professor Mark Priestley

Professor Máiréad Nic Craith

Professor Neil Rankin

Professor WD McCausland

Professor Tony Elger

Professor Thomas W. Mueller

Professor Peter Dwyer

Professor Adrian Rees

Professor Ian Parker

Professor David Schiffrin

Professor Nicky Gregson

Professor Anne Kerr

Professor Alan Pickering

Professor Zahia Smail Salhi

Professor David Allen

Professor Marc Desmulliez

Professor Frances Platt

Professor David Attwell

Professor Stephen McHanwell

Professor Bob Moore

Professor Ajit Shenoi

Professor Jonathan Bignell

Professor Paul McDonald

Professor Daniel Kelly

Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker

Professor Philip Schofield

Professor Robert Fitzgerald

Professor Simon James

Professor Diane Watt

Professor Bernard Burnes

Professor Catherine AM Clarke

Professor Michael E Smith

Professor Jeremy Lakey

Professor Farhad Kamali

Professor Pamela Sammons

Professor Mark Broom

Professor Alexander Thiele

Professor Philippa Browning

Professor Javed Majeed

Professor Frank Nijhoff

Professor Lena Dominelli

Professor Euan Phimister

Professor Adam Hedgecoe

Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos

Dr Katherine Shelton

Dr Nick Parsons

Professor Alun Davies

Professor Stephen Eales

Professor Billie Hunter

Professor Graham Hall

Professor Jonathan Davies

Dr Gerard O'Grady

Professor Miltos Makris

Professor Caroline Lear

Professor Paul Dean

Professor Craig Brandist

Professor David J Schiffrin

Professor Ceri Sullivan

Professor Robin Attfield

Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby

Professor Pete Totterdell

Professor Simon Quinn

Professor Seamus Ross

Professor Chris Cooper

Professor Eric Clarke

Professor Tim Ensor

Professor Alastair King

Professor Neil Hunter

Professor Theodore Scaltsas

Professor T Erichsen

Professor Raj Bhopal

Professor Graeme Small

Dr Richard Stanton

Professor Gian-Luca Oppo

Professor Neil Rhodes

Professor Chris F Inglehearn

Professor Paul Foulkes

Professor Moyra Haslett

Professor Chris Smith

Professor Robert Stern

Professor Alister Burr

Professor Valerie Walkerdine

Professor Ann Daly

Professor Paul Pettitt

Professor Richard H Roberts

Dr Iain Hutcheson

Professor Richard Hayes

Professor Tiffany Atkinson

Professor Susan Halford

Professor Bruce Caterson

Professor Edward PM Gardener

Professor Daniel Wight

Professor Daniel Waldram

Professor Mark Priestley

Professor Roger Marsh

Professor Ivan Reid

Dr Uwe Vinkemeier

Professor Rob Procter

Professor Achim Jung

Professor David Gilbert

Professor Melanie Simms

Professor Alun Hughes

Professor Robin Hendry

Professor Geoffrey Burton

Professor Hartmut Logemann

Professor Munro Price

Professor Chris Clark

Professor Lynn Welchman

Professor Jonathan Webber

Professor S P Chakravarty

Professor Donald Bloxham

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Professor Ronald McQuaid

Professor Beat Kumin

Professor Maria Drakopoulou

Professor Kalina Bontcheva

Professor Kulwant Pawar

Professor Andy Green

Professor Bernard S Kay

Professor Diana Paton

Professor Simon Gardiner

Professor Bernard Kay

Professor Johannes Angermuller

Professor Wendy R James

Professor Colin Pulham

Professor John Barclay

Professor Pete Walker

Professor Bill Cooke

Professor Phil Mullineaux

Professor Philip Hancock

Professor Toby Miller

Professor Christopher J Green

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