Top nations in plant and animal sciences

February 3, 2011

Data on the top 20 nations in the field of plant and animal sciences were extracted from the Essential Science Indicators database of Thomson Reuters. This database, currently covering the period January 2000 to August 2010, surveys only articles (original research reports and review articles) in journals indexed by Thomson Reuters. Articles are assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and Thomson Reuters’ journal-to-field definition scheme.

Both the articles tabulated and citation counts to those articles are for the period indicated. Here our ranking in plant and animal sciences is by citations per paper (among nations that published 5,000 or more papers) to reveal weighted influence. For articles with multiple authors from different nations, each nation receives full, not fractional, publication and citation credit. Essential Science Indicators lists nations ranked in the top 50 per cent for a field over a given period, based on total citations. In plant and animal sciences, 106 nations are listed, meaning 212 were surveyed. Thirty nations published 5,000 or more papers during the period. The world average in citation impact for the field was 7.54 during the period, so 18 of the 20 nations above surpassed this mark.

The UK is the clear field leader. Although not listed, Wales, with 2,349 papers, earned a citations-per-paper score of 11.66, while Northern Ireland, with 988 papers, achieved an impact score of 10.02. With the exception of the US, the top 10 nations are European.

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Top Nations in Plant and Animal Sciences
Data provided by Thomson Reuters from its Essential Science Indicators, January 2000-August 2010
 Country Papers CitationsImpact
1 England30,347 390,092 12.85
2 Scotland9,806 112,546 11.48
3 The Netherlands12,242 139,78111.42
4 Switzerland8,898101,221 11.38
5 Sweden9,493 107,671 11.34
6 Denmark7,292 79,909 10.96
7 France26,664 1,089 10.17
8 Germany36,714 371,921 10.13
9 United States152,338 1,524,368 10.01
10 Norway6,563 61,9539.44
11 Australia26,194 239,899 9.16
12 Canada31,555 286,858 9.09
13 Belgium9,123 82,412 9.03
14 Finland5,587 50,452 9.03
15 Austria5,319 44,404 8.35
16 New Zealand7,702 62,657 8.14
17 Spain22,020 176,216 8.00
18 Japan38,200 297,262 7.78
19 Italy17,711 123,135 6.95
20 South Korea7,867 49,920 6.35

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