Top 20 journals in psychiatry and psychology by citation impact

Data provided by Thomson Reuters from its Essential Science Indicators, 1 January 1999-28 February 2009

July 9, 2009

 Journal Papers CitationsCitations per paper
1 Archives of General Psychiatry1,166 70,754 60.68
2 Annual Review of Psychology245 14,775 60.31
3 Psychological Bulletin402 23,458 58.35
4 Psychological Review375 17,987 47.97
5 American Journal of Psychiatry2,700 113,714 42.12
6 Trends in Cognitive Sciences711 29,943 42.11
7 American Psychologist494 19,563 39.60
8 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology1,536 45,772 29.80
9 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology1,141 30,946 .12
10 Journal of Abnormal Psychology750 18,326 24.43
11 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry2,630 59,308 22.55
12 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry1,672 37,154 22.22
13 Child Development1,170 25,795 22.05
14 British Journal of Psychiatry1,685 36,925 21.91
15 Development and Psychopathology552 11,758 21.30
16 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines1,056 21,487 20.35
17 Journal of Applied Psychology1,057 20,867 19.74
18 Psychological Medicine1,450 ,801 19.17
19 Health Psychology825 15,708 19.04
20 Psychosomatic Medicine1,199 22,754 18.98
The data above were extracted from the Essential Science Indicators database of Thomson Reuters. This database, currently covering the period January 1999 through February 2009, surveys only journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Reuters. Articles are assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and the journal-to-category field-definition scheme used by Thomson Reuters. Both articles tabulated and citation counts to those articles are for the period indicated. Here, our ranking of journals in psychiatry and psychology is by citations per paper to reveal weighted impact. Essential Science Indicators lists journals ranked in the top 50 per cent for a field over a given period, based on total citations. In psychiatry and psychology, 299 journals are listed, meaning 598 journals in this field were surveyed.

Of the 299 journals, 48 were cited 10,000 or more times during the period. This ranking of the top 20 by citation impact (citations per paper) should be recognised as distinctly different from the impact factor rankings that are presented in the Journal Citation Reports of Thomson Reuters each year. The impact factor is calculated as citations in Year 3 to a journal’s contents in Years 1 and 2, divided by the number of so-called citable items (regular articles and reviews) in Years 1 and 2. Thus, the above ranking reveals longer-term impact.

For more information on the Essential Science Indicators of Thomson Reuters, see

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