Terms of Reference of the COST Technical Committee on Telecommunications and Information Science and Technology (link)

December 10, 2004

Brussels, 09 Dec 2004

Full text of Document 345/04
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1. The Technical Committee on "Telecommunications and Information Science and Technology", hereinafter referred to as TC-TIST, is maintained from the expiration of its previous mandate until 31 December 2007.1 The CSO shall decide whether to extend the mandate of the TC-TIST for an additional period of time and, in that case, review these Terms of Reference. 2. The TC-TIST will adopt its rules of procedure on the basis of the draft model set out in document COST/333/2/96 REV 2.

3. The TC-TIST is invited to identify, assess and prepare new COST Actions that are likely to assist the further development of the European Research Area in the fields of telecommunications and information science and technology, and to reflect the technology convergence and evolution towards an information society. Such Actions should (i) have an innovative character and a high scientific standard and/or contribute substantially to the concertation of research efforts in that domain; (ii) be based on careful considerations of interests, resources and budgetary consequences in the interested countries as well as assessments of the added value expected to be achieved through the concertation; (iii) be broad and flexible enough to permit an interdisciplinary approach and later inclusion of activities not foreseen during the preparation, taking also due consideration of point 6 below; (iv) identify and take into account R&D efforts in other fora. 4. When submitting a new Action to the CSO for approval, the TC-TIST is requested (i) to ensure that the Technical Annex to the Memorandum of Understanding is structured as set out in the document "A Guide for Proposers of New COST Actions" doc. COST 401/01) (or in any new document amending or replacing it); (ii) to provide any additional information that the CSO may need for making a decision on the Action.


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