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October 20, 1995

1 Should expansion in participation in post-16 education continue? How far should expansion go?

2 What role should post-16 education play in developing a modern, competitive economy?

3 Tuition fees are fully provided to full-time students in higher education but not to part-time students or those in further education. Can this be justified in equity or economic value? What form of financial support should students in further education and part-time students receive?

4 Current NUS policy on education funding would mean the need to raise an extra Pounds 11 billion in tax revenue. Should general taxation go up by 6.5p in the pound on basic rate income tax or p on the higher rate to pay for this? Is it realistic to assume that any political party is going to implement such an increase in taxation?

5 Should the taxpayer be fully responsible for 100 per cent of the funding of tuition costs?

6 Should the taxpayer be fully responsible for 100 per cent of the funding of student maintenance?

7 Should individuals who experience post-16 education contribute an element of the costs of provision? What should that contribution be for (eg fees, maintenance, 50 per cent of maintenance, 25 per cent of fees)?

8 Do you agree with the broad principles outlined in this document? What specific attributes should a new form of student contribution have?

9 Should business and employers contribute to the costs of funding post-16 education? What should a new business contribution pay for (eg, further education, vocational training, a proportion of higher education fees, etc)?

Please send replies to:

Ghassan Karian, New Solutions, c/o University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. Email: s.white@ic.uc.uk

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