Research Opportuniites - Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering

March 31, 2000

The following listing is for research degrees and jobs in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering #221> . Where possible a central contact person or office contact point has been given. Where there are several contact people they have been listed with the courses for which they have responsibility. If an institution does not appear in this list you should not assume that they do not offer post-graduate research degrees.

Key #221> Name of institution #221> For the sake of brevity the short version of an institution's name has been used. Validation #221> If an institution's courses are validated by another college its name is given in brackets. Contact names #221> A contact is given for each opportunity listed. Where there is a central contact for all an institution's opportunities in a particular area, the contact will be given once only. Qualification level #221> MSc, PhD etc. The figure in brackets indicates the number of places available where known. Mode of study #221> FT = Full Time PT = Part Time Funding #221> A = Assistantships available to students to undertake paid work while studying for a higher degree £ = Scholarship/ studentships available ? = Funding is a possibility.

Students should contact the department listed. Do not address enquiries to The THES. We are unable to help

Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering

Aberdeen U. Engineering Dr T O'Donoghue Tel: 01224 2508; URL: £? A?

Abertay U. Engineering Prof D A Bradley Tel: 01382 308261 A?

Aston U. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Dr J E T Penny Tel: 0121 3593611 ext 4280; URL:

Bath U. Mechanical Engineering Dr S E Clift Tel: 01225 826826 ext 5940; URL: £? A? Mechanical Engineering andSchool of Management Dr Tony Mileham Tel: 01225 826462; URL: £? A?

Queen's U. of Belfast Aeronautical Engineering Prof S Raghunathan Tel: 01232335417; URL: £ Mechanical and ManufacturingEngineering Dr J McCartney Tel: 01232 41; URL:http://www.qub.

Birmingham U. Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Dr C Baber Tel: 0121414 43; URL:

Bolton I.H.E. Technology: Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Dr CliveChirwa Tel: 01204 528851; URL: £? A?

Bournemouth U. Design Engineering and Computing: Department of ProductDesign and Manufacture Dr Kamran Tabeshfar Tel: 01202 503750; URL: £ A?

Bradford U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Prof P D Coates Tel:014 384540 Fax: 014 384525

Brighton U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Prof Alan Johns Tel:013 642293; URL:

Bristol U. Aerospace Engineering Dr N Lieven Tel: 0117 928 9761 uk; Mrs L Neck Tel: 0117 928 9725 £? A? Mechanical Engineering Mr C McMahon Tel:0117 928 8100 Email:; Mrs L Neck Tel: 0117 928 9725Email: £? A?

Bristol: UWE Engineering Prof A F T Winfield Tel: 0117 976 2534; URL: £? A?

Brunel U. Mechanical Engineering Prof L C Wrobel Tel: 01895 4000 ext 2907;URL: Materials Engineering Dr G FFernando Tel: 01895 4000 ext 2365 Email: gerard.fernando@brunel. £?A?

Buckinghamshire C.H.E. (Brunel U.) Engineering Graham Bennett Tel: 01494522141 Email:

Wales: Cardiff Cardiff School of Engineering Dr J A Brandon Tel: 01222874265; URL: £ A

Central England U. in Birmingham Engineering and Computer Technology Prof GRogers Tel: 0121 331 5421 Fax: 0121 331 6315

Central Lancashire U. Engineering and Product Design Dr Ian Sherrington Tel:01772 893322; URL: £?

City U. Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Dr F S Henry Tel: 0171 4778113; URL:

Coventry U. Engineering Dr D Godfrey Tel: 01203 838072

Cranfield: Cranfield College of Aeronautics Ian Outram Tel: 01234 750111 ext5214; URL: Fluid Engineering and InstrumentationDr V Morris Tel: 01234 750111 ext 5422; URL: uk/sme/Propulsion, Power and Automotive Engineering Prof R Singh Tel: 01234 754666;URL: uk/sme/ Industrial and Manufacturing Science Mrs SHyde Tel: 01234 754086; URL: uk/sims/ £ AMechanical Engineering Cheryl Anderson Tel: 01234 754716; URL: £? A?

Cranfield: Shrivenham Aerospace, Power and Sensors Prof Brian White Tel:01793 785241 Email: £

De Montfort U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Prof Jeff KnightTel: 0116 257 7090 Fax: 0116 257 7099

Derby U. Engineering: Integrated Manufacturing Prof R W Baines Tel: 01332622222 ext 1755 Email:

Durham U. Engineering Prof P Mars Tel: 0191 374 2390; URL: uk/~des0www2

East London U. Manufacturing Engineering and Design Dr Chris Ellis Tel: 0181590 7000 ext 2440/2439 Email: £? A?

Edinburgh U. Mechanical Engineering Prof S H Salter Tel: 0131 650 5704; URL: £? A?

Edinburgh: Heriot-Watt U. Civil and Offshore Engineering Prof J Wolfram Tel:0131 451 3142; URL: Mechanical and Chemical EngineeringProf R L Reuben Tel: 0131 451 3615; URL:

Exeter U. Engineering Postgraduate Admissions Tel: 01392 263648; URL: £? A?

Glamorgan U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dr M Biffin Tel: 01443482219; URL:

Glasgow U. Aerospace Engineering Dr John Anderson Tel: 0141 330 4344; URL:

Greenwich U. Engineering Prof Alan Reed Tel: 01634 883495

Hertfordshire University. Mechanical, Aeronautical and ManufacturingEngineering Prof M J Loomes Tel: 01707 284350; URL: A?

Huddersfield U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Dr W Weston Tel: 01484472157; URL: uk/schools/engineering/welcome.htm £ A?Manufacturing Systems Prof D Little Tel: 01484 472965; URL: £? A? MechanicalEngineering Dr G Lucas Tel: 01484 472266 Email: £? A?Ultra Precision Engineering Dr Derek Ford Tel: 01484 472478; URL: £? A?

Hull U. Engineering Design and Manufacture Dr M J Fagan Tel: 01482 465058;URL: £? A?

Kingston U. Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Engineering Prof A WSelf Tel: 0181 547 2000 ext 4979 Email: £? A?

Lancaster U. Engineering Prof A Bradshaw Tel: 01524 593052; URL: £? A?

Leeds U. Mechanical Engineering Dr T David Tel: 0113 233 2117; URL:

Leeds Metropolitan U. Manufacturing and Engineering Dr D Webb Tel: 0113 2836742; URL: £? A?

Liverpool U. Engineering: Manufacturing and Industrial Management H S IsmailTel: 0151 794 4688; URL: Industrial Studies Dr HS Ismail Tel: 0151 794 4688; URL: MechanicalEngineering Dr D Moreton Tel: 0151 794 4802; URL: Engineering and Industrial Management H S Ismail Tel: 0151 7944688/4900; URL:

Liverpool John Moores U. Engineering Prof M J Lalor Tel: 0151 231 2018; URL: £? A?

London: Imperial College Centre for Composite Materials Mr F L Matthews Tel:0171 594 5084 Email: £? A? Mechanical Engineering VRice Tel: 0171 594 7022 Email: £ A

London: King's College Mechanical Engineering Ms Nicola Hall Tel: 0171 8732592; URL:

London: University College Centre for Advanced Instrumentation Systems: CAISDr M E Dewar Tel: 0171 380 7838; URL: £ MechanicalEngineering Admission Enquiries Tel: 0171 380 7365; URL: £

Loughborough U. Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering and TransportStudies Dr D Gillingwater Tel: 01509 223409; URL: £ A? ManufacturingEngineering Dr K Popplewell Tel: 01509 222925; URL: £ A? MechanicalEngineering Dr M Acar Tel: 01509 223218; URL: £ A

Manchester U. Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing PostgraduateSecretary Tel: 0161 5 4345; URL: £ A?Engineering Ms Jane Kear Tel: 0161 5 4345; URL: uk/Engineering £ A?

Manchester Metropolitan U. Mechanical Engineering, Design and Manufacture DrA Slaouti Tel: 0161 247 6249; URL:

Middlesex U. Engineering Systems Prof Raj Gill Tel: 0181 362 5208 Fax: 0181362 5210

Napier U. Mechanical, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Dr T Muneer Tel:0131 455 2541; URL: £ A

Newcastle U. Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering Prof G RJohnson Tel: 0191 222 6196; URL:

Wales: Newport Mechatronics Research Centre Dr Hefin Rowlands Tel: 01633432424 Email: £

North East Wales Institute of HE (U. of Wales) Science and Technology DrPaul C Beaumont Tel: 01978 293004; URL: http://io. £A?

Northumbria U. Engineering Prof R Cryan Tel: 0191 2 4621; URL: £ A?

Nottingham U. Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management Prof JohnR Wilson Tel: 0115 951 4004; URL: MechanicalEngineering Dr A A Becker Tel: 0115 951 3791; URL: £?A?

Nottingham Trent U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dr KJambunathan Tel: 0115 948 6024 Email:

Oxford Brookes U. Engineering Dr S Sehati Tel: 01865 483552; URL: uk/schools/engineering/research/

Paisley U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Centre Mr GMuir Tel: 0141 848 3556 Email: £? A?

Plymouth U. Manufacturing: Materials and Mechanical Engineering Prof M NJames Tel: 01752 232637; URL: A?

Portsmouth U. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Prof J Byrne Tel:01705 842370 Email:

Reading U. Engineering Prof A G Atkins Tel: 0118 931 8562; URL:

Robert Gordon U. Mechanical and Offshore Engineering Mr L Power Tel: 01224262300; URL:

Royal College of Art Industrial Design Engineering Joanna Zulgis Tel: 0171590 4342; URL: £

Salford U. Design, Manufacturing and Marketing Research Institute Prof R DArnell Tel: 0161 295 5358; URL:

Scottish Coll of Textiles (Edinburgh: Heriot-Watt U.) Management Mr R PaulTel: 01896 753351 Email: £? A?

Sheffield U. Mechanical Engineering Dr R Stanway Tel: 0114 222 7709; URL: £? A?

Sheffield Hallam U. Engineering Prof J D Atkinson Tel: 0114 225 3424; URL: £? A?

South Bank U. Engineering Systems and Design Dr T G Karayiannis Tel: 0171815 7628 Email: £? A?

Southampton U. Aeronautics and Astronautics Mrs C Pinnington Tel: 01703593389; URL: Ship Science Mr P A Wilson Tel:01703 593767; URL: £ A?Institute of Sound and Vibration Research Mrs M Strickland Tel: 01703 592294;URL: £? A? Mechanical Engineering(including Institute for Cryogenics and Energy Research) Mr J K Atkinson Tel:01703 594632; URL:

Southampton Institute (Nottingham Trent U.) Systems Engineering ResearchCentre Prof Graham King Tel: 01703 319000 Email:

Staffordshire U. Engineering and Advanced Technology Prof T Ruxton Tel:01785 353259 Email: t. £? A?

Strathclyde U. Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management DR A H B DuffyTel: 0141 548 3134; URL: MechanicalEngineering Administrative Officer Tel: 0141 548 2844; URL: £ A? Ship and MarineTechnology Prof C Kuo Tel: 0141 548 3741 Email: £? A?

Surrey U. Mechanical and Materials Engineering Liz Roberts Tel: 01483259678; URL:

Sussex U. Engineering Dr L Ripley Tel: 013 678358; URL:

Wales: Swansea Mechanical Engineering Dr G T Gethin Tel: 01792 295534 Fax:01792 295674 £? A?

UMIST Mechanical Engineering Ms Olive Mills Tel: 0161 200 3754; URL:

About this service #221>

The THES Research Opportunities Service aims to list the current availability of opportunities for postgraduate research training.

The listings include details of new research posts. Although courses from more than 140 institutions are represented here it is not an exhaustive listing.

Some institutions have not wished to list their courses in this way; so you should not assume that institutions not featuring in these lists have no courses to offer. This listing should give a good flavour of the wide variety of research training on offer at higher education institutions in the United kingdom.

Potential students should not make decisions on the basis of this listing alone. Potential candidates should contact the institutions of their choice directly if they wish to discuss their future plans. They should not contact The THES or the compilers of this listing.

Quality of degrees #221>

All UK universities in membership of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals have power to award British degrees after either courses of study or programmes of research, and some colleges of higher education have one or both of these powers.

Other colleges provide courses or programmes which are validated by an institution which has those powers. Courses of this kind are listed under the name of the college which runs them; the name of the validating institution, which finally awards the degree, is in brackets.

The compilers #221>

This list has been compiled by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (CSU) on the basis of returns from institutions. CSU is an agency of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals, the Standing Conference of Principals of Colleges and Institutes of higher education and the Committee of Scottish Centrally Funded Colleges.

This information has been provided for information purposes only. It is not definitive and does not take precedence over the official publications of universities and colleges.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and that those institutions which wanted to take part have been included, CSU an accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Any queries about this list should be addressed to the data collectors, Mayflower Directories Production, Ro Dew, West Looe Hill, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2HH. Tel: 01503 264454. Fax: 01503 264821. Email: All rights reserved. No part of this listing may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of the publishers.

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