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September 3, 1999

Two weeks ago in The THES... We asked whether all first-year students should be vaccinated against meningitis

Name and address supplied

It is an extremely good idea to vaccinate students against meningitis though I am experiencing trouble getting the vaccine myself.

I will be studying while living at home and therefore will still be registered with my GP, so I cannot acquire the vaccination at the university medical centre.

My GP cannot quickly obtain the vaccine because of the demand for it, but surely it is not necessary to wait until October - shouldn't first-year students be vaccinated as soon as possible?

AND Jonathan Weiner highlighted the risks of Kansas's banning the teaching of evolution in its schools. Sue Wrennall Farmer and lecturer in art history Cumbria College of Art and Design

I cannot see a conflict in studying evolution and being a religious believer, either in practical or theoretical terms, in Kansas or anywhere else.

How, under Kansas's new policy, can schools teach young children whose (farming) parents regularly discuss genetic traits and appropriate breeding lines, or a university teach agricultural genetics? (The Kansas state university has a respected department of dairying technology.)

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