Lib Dems lead Labour in student polls

January 28, 2005

  • Likelihood of voting 
    37% of students 'absolutely certain' to vote, 8% 'certain' not to
  • How they would vote
    Lib Dem: 31%
    Labour: 28%
    Tory 16%
  • But among solely third-year students
    Labour: 32%
    Lib Dem: 29%
    Others: 29% 
    Tories: 10%
  • Compared with first-years
    Lib Dem: 32%
    Labour: 24%
    Others: 25%
    Tories: 18%
  • So the younger you are, the less likely to vote Labour. But students at new universities (32%) were more likely to vote Labour than students at old universities (24%). Students at old universities were more likely to vote Liberal Democrat (33%).
  • Main reason behind vote
    20% - education and tuition fees
    12% - Iraq war
    13% - economy
    15% - public services generally
  • Education/tuition fees were more likely to be the main reason behind women's vote (26%) than men's (14%).
  • Almost as many men (19%) said their vote would be decided by the economy as the overall vote based on attitudes to education/tuition fees (20%). Once again, education/tuition fees were more a concern of first-years (24%) than third-years (14%).
  • Who they expect to win
    Labour 75%
    Lib Dems 6%
    Tories 10%

    Of the 1000 students polled, one male third-year student at a post-92 university said the Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru would win the next election.

  • Other reasons for voting intention (in their own words)
    Christian values/biblical morals.
    Hunting (pro).
    No to Euro.
    UK behaves like a loyal dog to the US.
    Hatred of Tony Blair.
    Family always voted that way.
    Defence cuts.
    I can't see Michael Howard as PM.
    Hatred of Gordon Brown.
    Asylum seekers.
    Civil liberties, identity cards.
    If they promise to give me money.
    Corruption and kissing US arse.

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