Launch of new Network of Excellence on prion diseases, France

May 19, 2004

Brussels, 18 May 2004

The French Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA) is organising a conference to launch a new Network of Excellence on prion diseases, to be held in Fontenay-aux-Roses, France, on 28 May.

With 52 laboratories in 20 countries, the project, 'Neuroprion' will to be the world's largest research network in this field. With European Commission funding of 14.4 million euro over five years, Neuroprion will bring together 90 per cent of European activities in BSE, vCJD, and scrapie (a sheep prion disease) research.

The focus of the conference will be on prevention, treatment, epidemiology and risk assessment of prion diseases.

Speakers at the conference will include EU Commissioner for Research Philippe Busquin, French Minister for Research François d'Aubert, French Minister for Economy, Finance and Industry Nicolas Sarkozy and four Nobel laureates.

The CEA, which is the coordinator of the NeuroPrion project, will also inaugurate a new prion research facility on the same day.

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