Higher education grants

January 1, 2001

University of Liverpool

Research grants August to November 2000:

Drs P. Allport , T. Greenshaw , T. Bowcock and Profs. P. Booth , J. Dainton , E. Gabathuler , £2,870,649 from the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (Liverpool Semiconductor Detector Centre).

Dr A. Al-Shammaa , Prof. J. Lucas , £57,842 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (laser assisted high pressure microwave generated plasma for material processing).

Prof. R. Beynon , £249,506 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (turnover profiling: commitment and degradation of the yeast proteome).

Dr A. Brand , £34,900 from the Isle of Man Government (Scallop Research Programme).

Dr M. Brust , Prof. C. Kiely , £168,607 from EPSRC (self-organised nanostructures of gold and silver particles).

Prof. R. Burgoyne , £37,758 from the Wellcome Trust (analysis of nsec-1 as the target for protein kinase C regulation of exocytosis kinetics); and five grants of £70,077 from the Wellcome Trust (four year PhD programme in cellular and molecular physiology).

Drs M. Caddick and M. Jones , £236,836 from BBSRC (co-ordination of nitrate and nitrogen metabolite signaling at the level of transcript stability ).

Prof. P. Calverley , £,32,957 from the Fazakerley Foundation for Respiratory Research (respiratory research).

Drs W. Cantwell and R. Mines , Prof. N. Jones , £173,882 from EPSRC (an investigation of the energy-absorbing characteristics of novel aluminium foam sandwich structures).

Dr D. Casson , £28,880 from the Crohns in Childhood Research Association (National Register of Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

Prof. D. Chadwick , £24,782 from the Pain Relief Foundation (neurological science).

Dr A. Cooper , £96,660 from EPSRC (sedimentation polymerisation using dense carbon dioxide); and £40,215 from Petroleum Research Fund, USA (synthesis of well-defined macroporous polymers for chromatographic separations using supercritical carbon dioxide).

Dr R. Crompton , £32,934 from the Leverhulme Trust (primate skeletal form, biomechanics and evolution).

Dr P. Davey , £81,093 from the Manx Heritage Foundation, I.O.M. (History of the Isle of Man: Volume 4 Castle Rushen Papers/Baume Papers).

Prof. S. Edwards and Dr R. Moots , £60,000 from Mersey Kidney Research (neutrophil and endothelial interactions in systematic vasculitis).

Prof. M. Fang , £147,594 from EPSRC (charge capture and anode fall structure in high pressure discharges).

Prof. C. Foster , £64,540 from the Prostate Cancer Charity (functional assessment of novel metastasis-suppressing genes in human prostate cancer).

Profs. E. Gabathuler , P. S. L. Booth , J. B. Dainton , £2,734,1 from PPARC (particle physics grant).

Prof. E. Gabathuler , £20,946 from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (particle physics grant).

Dr M. Gage , £98,735 from the Medical Research Council (the psychology and pharmacology of adoptive variation in human semen parameters due to change in the social environment).

Dr P. Garner , £2,034,000 from the Department for International Development (effective health care alliance programme).

Dr R. Griffiths and Prof. M. Jackson , £40,082 from the Wellcome Trust (glutathione metabolism in muscle and kidney in severe systemic inflammation).

Drs S. J. Hackett , A. Thomson , J. A. Sills , Prof. C. A. Hart , £106,400 from the Meningitis Research Foundation (macrophage migration inhibitory factor, high mobility group 1 and macrophage cytokines in meningococcal disease).

Dr S. Hall , £150,614 from EPSRC (SiGeC HBTs on insulator for rf communications).

Dr R. Harrison , Prof. R. Theakston , £7,462 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular and DNA immunisation strategies to generate multivalent, high titre IgG antibodies to neutralise the functional activities of the major haemostasis-disruptive molecules).

Prof. C. A. Hart , £80,672 from the Medical Research Council (evaluation of bacteriophage for the control of P aeruginosa infection in C.F. patients using in vivo and in vitro models); £60,978 from the British Heart Foundation (effects of progressive hypertrophy on sodium transport systems in rat left ventricle); £74,986 from the British Heart Foundation (inward plateau currents in hypotrophied ventricular myocytes studied using the action potential clamp technique).

Dr I. K. Hart , £52,305 from the Fazakerley Neurological Fund (neurological research).

Prof. K. K. B. Hon , £60,000 from the Royal Academy of Engineering (Visiting Professorship in Engineering Design for Sustainable Development).

Prof. J. Hurst , Prof. R. J. Beynon , £420,876 from BBSRC (the communication of complex information in rodent scent marks through proteins and low molecular weight components).

Mr P. D. Losty , Prof. D. Lloyd , £21,000 from the Children’s Research Fund (cellular models for studying lung abnormalities in congenital diaphragmatic hernia).

Drs I. MacKenzie , P. Garner , P. Williamson , £168,660 from the Wellcome Trust (treating chronic otitis media to improve healing and hearing).

Dr R. McGrath , £50,516 from EPSRC (network on quasicrystal surfaces).

Dr J. McGuire , £20,479 from Barnardo’s (evaluation of the 5A plus scheme).

Drs P. McLaughlin , B. Flanagan , R. Moots , £66,841 from the Nuffield Foundation (dopamine receptor signaling and inflammatory cytokine production by human monocytes).

Prof. R. H. Marrs , £75,500 from English Nature (research into management of problem exotic species).

Dr J. Matthews , £108,652 BBSRC, (acetylcholinesterases in parasitic nematodes: mediators of persistence and targets for chemotherapy).

Prof. C. Michael , Dr H. Wittig , £88,437 from PPARC (lattice simulations of the strong and electroweak force).

Prof. C. Michael , Dr A. Irving , £136,668 from PPARC (physics programming support for the UKQCD high performance computing project).

Dr R. Miller , £41,979 from ESRC (The Evolution of British Economic Interests in Latin America since 1914).

Prof. D. H. Molyneux , £375,000 from the Department for International Development (lymphatic filariasis support - operational activities); £888,053 from the Wellcome Trust (wolbachia endosymbionts in filarial immunity and disease).

Prof. M. E. Molyneux and P. Johnson , £2,232,477 from the Wellcome Trust (malaria and concomitant infections in Malawi).

Dr A. Morgan , £150,017 from the Wellcome Trust (mutational analysis of NSF and SNAPs).

Dr P. M. O’Neill , Prof. S. A. Ward , £175,224 from BBSRC (synthesis and biomimetic chemistry of novel antimalarial endoperoxide cysteine protease inhibitor (ECPI) pro-drugs).

Dr P. M. O’Neill , £84,083 from EPSRC (Co(II)L2 mediated catalytic aerobic asymmetric peroxysilylation and hydration of unactivated alkenes).

Mr W. O’Neill , Dr P. Fox , £1,513 from EPSRC (direct fabrication of complex functionally graded metal structures).

Dr H. Ouyang , Prof. J. E. Mottershead , £62,619 from EPSRC (frame-structure vibration with joint friction).

Prof. G. D. Padfield , £62,678 from EPSRC (adaptive pilot model for simulation fidelity assessment.

Prof. B. K. Park , £51,742 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular basis of adrenergic regulation of chemically-induced hepatotoxicity).

Dr D. M. Pritchard , £38,506 from North West Cancer Research Fund (mechanisms of promotion of colorectal carcinogenesis by the non-amidated precursors of gastrin in vitro and in vivo).

Prof. M. J. Rosseinsky , £62,864 from EPSRC (an interdisciplinary network on perovskite oxides).

Dr A. G. M. Scholes , Prof. J. K. Field , Dr J. M. Risk , £33,571 from the North West Cancer Research Fund (identification of genes differentially expressed in uvea melanomas of high metastastic genotype and phenotype).

Prof. G. K. Schleyer , £30,000 from the Royal Academy Of Engineering (towards a global approach to the assessment of damage consequences due to large explosions in the built environment).

Profs. R. Smyth and C. A. Hart , £90,600 from Action Research (cytokines in severe respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis).

Drs A. Steiner , R. Cosstick , M. Brust, Profs. M. Rosseinsky , I. Kozhevnikov , £263,424 from EPSRC (acquisition of single crystal diffractometer with CCD detector).

Dr R. Theakston , £71,945 from the Wellcome Trust (mechanism of action of haemorrhagic metallo-proteinases isolated from the venom of bothrops asper, the most important venomous snake in Central America).

Mr S. Tang , Ms R. J. Tolhurst , £39,890 from the Department for International Development (Is health legislation in China being implemented effectively and is it benefiting the rural poor?)

Ms R. J. Tolhurst , £,014 from the World Health Organisation, Switzerland (developing a methodology for the analysis of gender equity in Malaria).

Dr G. Wainwright , Prof. H. Rees , £180,044 from BBSRC (identification of novel targets of methyl farnesoate action in the regulation of crustacean reproductive development).

Profs. A. Watson , O. H. Petersen , G. J. Dockray , J. M. Rhodes , J. K. Field , J. P. Neoptolemos , and Dr S. P. Shirazi-Beechey , £78,584 from the Medical Research Council (cellular biology of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas in health and disease).

Prof. P. Weightman , £1,286,745 from EPSRC (the growth, characterisation and optimisation of new oxide, nitride and nanostructured materials).

Dr R. G. Williams , £132,125 from the Natural Environment Research Council (the role of oceanic ventilation in the coupled climate system).

Dr P. R. Williamson , Prof. R. J. Bhansali , £35,685 from the Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital Trust Fund (Research Fellow in Medical Statistics).

Drs N. Winterton , A. I. Cooper ,  Prof. E. G. J. Derouane , £174,222 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ionic-liquid/polymer membrane reactor development for catalytic hydrogenation).

Prof. S. C. Wray , £941,426 from the Medical Research Council (physiological mechanisms of control and regulation of uterine contraction); £47,481 from the Wellcome Trust (the effects of pH on IP(3)-induced SR calcium release in the myometrium).

Prof. H. Wu , £84,342 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (co-ordinated control of large-scale nonlinear dynamical systems).

Dr L. Yu , Prof. J. M. Rhodes , £79,899 from the North West Cancer Research Fund (studies to characterise the intracellular ligands for the anti-proliferative mushroom lectin in colon cancer cells).


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