January 16, 1998

University of Liverpool, continued

Professor G. Hutchings, Pounds 52,969 from EPSRC (computer design of improved alumina catalyst supports by predictive modelling of solgelprocedures) and Pounds 44,582 from EPSRC (new route to the synthesis of furans via pentane oxidation); Professors G. Hutchings, E. Derouane and Dr C. Kiely, Pounds 178,698 from EPSRC (design of ultra-selective catlysts for ethane oxidation); Professors G. Hutchings, N. Richardson, D. Bethell and Dr P. Page, Pounds 160,103 from EPSRC (sustained enhancement of catalytic performance by using controlleddoping of surfaces)

Professor G. Hutckings and Dr H. Rieley, Pounds 49,582 from EPSRC (self assembled catalysts - a molecular level approach to specificity and efficiency in heterogeneous reactions); Professors G. Jones, Q. Wu and Drs J. Spencer and P. Russell, Pounds 984,573 from EPSRC (assessment of switchgear condition from the intelligence of optical fibre sensor signals); Professor J. Lucas and Dr J. Smith, Pounds 186,599 from EPSRC (microwave generated plasma source for materials processing); Dr A. McCarthy, Pounds 172,577 from EPSRC (development of nucleic acid probes for monitoring microbial activity in landfill sites); Professor O. Petersen, Mr D. Gallacher and Dr A. Tepikin, Pounds 72,101 from MRC (ion channels and pumps in secretory cells); Drs H. Rieley and A. Hodgson, Pounds 117,456 from NERC (reaction rates on atmospheric aerosols and ice films); Professor S. Roberts, Pounds 40,566 from EPSRC (asymmetric synthesis using non-enzymic proteins and polypeptides); Mr J. Slavin, Pounds 30,452 from MRC (pilot study - can treatment with anti-fibrotic cytokines influence formation and resolution of intra peritoneal adhesions); Dr A. Tomsett, Pounds 146,784 from BBSRC (inducible antisense DNA and antisense T-DNA tagging: functional analysis/identification of genes); Professor P. Twin, Pounds 152,902 from PPARC (experimental study of CP violation in B decays)

Dr R. Whyman, Pounds 91,581 from EPSRC (direct activation of CaF2 towards halogen exchange reactions using supercritical fluids); Professor S. Wray and D. Eisner, Pounds 113,124 from MRC (control of uterine Ca2+, by membrane potential - modulation by pH and metabolic inhibition); Professor G. Amaratunga and Dr C. Kiely, Pounds 144,804 from EPSRC (electronic doping of amorphous carbon thin films); Professors E. Derouane, G. Hutchings and B. Heaton, Pounds 150,000 from EPSRC (controlled atmosphere and in-situ MAS NMR investigations of catalytic and solid state processes); Dr B. Gibbs, Mr J. Lewis and Professor D. Oldham, Pounds 1,029 from EPSRC (predicting environmental noise from construction and open site industrial activities); Professor P. Goodhew,Drs C. Kiely and G. Tatlock, Pounds 97,020 from EPSRC (developments in ultra-high-resolution analytical electron microscopy); Professor J. Lucas and Dr J. Smith, Pounds 166,476 from EPSRC (on-line sensors for welding andjoining process monitoring); Professor W. Stirling, Pounds 342,722 from EPSRC(X-ray magnetic and high resolution diffraction UK collaborating research group at ESRF); Professor P. Twin, Pounds 140,506 from PPARC (experimental study of CP violation in B decays); to be continued

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