Future of EU research (Extract from: Preparation of Competitiveness Council, 17-18 May)

May 17, 2004

Brussels, 14 May 2004

European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin will present the guidelines for future research policy in the EU, the basis for a forthcoming Communication on "Science and Technology, the Key to Europe's Future", as discussed at the Commission meeting on May 12. These guidelines are based on the proposals for the future EU budget presented by the Commission on 10 February, which allow a doubling of EU research funding. They focus on six major priorities, related to six main research issues in Europe: stimulating competition among individual research teams, in particular in basic research; launching "Joint Technology Initiatives" to support a European industrial policy; developing new European research infrastructures; reinforcing skilled research human resources; creating "European poles of excellence" by increasing co-operation between labs, enterprises and research centres through trans-national networks and projects; and promoting the co-ordination of national and regional research programmes. The new actions would be implemented through new approaches, which would strengthen the links between European and national research activities, while mobilising a critical mass in funding from public, private, national and European sources.

DN: MEMO/04/114 Date: 14/05/2004

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