Fracking protesters invade campus development

Swansea University has defended a new BP-funded research institute that anti-fracking protesters claim will hasten dangerous climate change

August 19, 2014

The Energy Safety Research Institute will be part of Swansea’s new Bay Campus, which was invaded yesterday by activists.

The protesters, who were “dressed as mad scientists” according to organisers, accessed the roof of the institute building and dropped a banner that read “no fracking”.

A spokeswoman for Swansea said: “The work carried out at ESRI will be based on our long-term strengths in this area and will include work on computational science (rock fracture modelling) and corrosion.

“The ESRI will focus on the safety issues surrounding the development of existing energy processes, as well as the safe deployment and integration of new green energy technologies,” she added.

According to its website, the institute will be supported by the oil firm BP and Tata Steel.

One of the protesters, Jac Bastian, said in a statement: “We are here today to stand with communities across Wales and the UK who are resisting their local areas becoming fracking sites.

“Not only is [fracking] dangerous and unnecessary but people across the UK don’t want it. If we are going to avoid dangerous climate change we need to leave unconventional gas in the ground,” he added.

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