Field rankings for Italy

Data provided by Thomson Reuters from its Essential Science Indicators database, 1998-2008

April 2, 2009

 Field Papers CitationsCitations per paperWorld average% +/–
1Physics49,981 482,807 9.668.19+18
2 Agricultural sciences6,918 50,323 7.6.20+17
3Space sciences12,093 184,680 15.13.17+16
4 Clinical medicine101,537 1,380,522 13.6011.99+13
5Chemistry42,863 467,368 10.909.72+12
6Engineering33,372 146,901 4.403.93+12
7Materials science10,753 66,832 6.225.72+9
8 Pharmacology8,731 97,159 11.1310.96+2
9Mathematics13,261 41,125 3.103.07+1
10Psychology/psychiatry4,681 46,353 9.909.93 0
11Computer sciences12,087 36,854 3.053.15–3
12Geosciences12,615 105,123 8.338.72–4
13Immunology6,267 125,554 20.0320.92–4
14Social sciences3,743 14,992 4.014.16–4
15Plant and animal science16,786 106,104 6.327.06–10
16Environmental sciences7,521 64,287 8.559.75–12
17Molecular biology12,162 253,373 20.8325.13–17
18Neurosciences18,3 268,328 14.6818.18–19
19Biochemistry24,456 319,059 13.0516.41–20
20Economics/business3,632 14,908 4.105.19–21
21Microbiology5,430 62,196 11.4515.04–24
The data above were extracted from the Essential Science Indicators database of Thomson Reuters. This database, currently covering the period January 1998 to December 2008, surveys only journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Reuters. Articles are assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and Thomson Reuters’ journal-to-category field-definition scheme. Both articles tabulated and citation counts for those articles are for the period indicated.

Here we survey Italy’s output and citation impact relative to the world average in each field. Overall, Italy ranks eighth in the world in output, seventh in total citations, and eighteenth in citations per paper. The table above compares Italy’s citation impact in a specific field with the citation impact score for the world in the same field. Italy’s percentage above or below the world is presented in the column on the far right. Physics, agricultural sciences and space sciences rank as the top three fields for Italy relative to the world, according to citations per paper. For more information on Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators, see

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