European Defence Agency Publishes Figures on Defence Research & Technology Spend for EU Member States (link)

May 30, 2006

Brussels, 29 May 2006

The European Defence Agency now has accurate data available on what its 24 participating Member States (all EU Member States except Denmark) spend on Defence Research and Technology. Collecting such data is an essential element of the Agency's activities on improving Europe's performance in Defence R&T, as called for under the European Council's Hampton Court agenda.

Key data

  • The Agency's participating Member States (pMS) will spend collectively just under €2.3 Billion on Defence R&T in 2006, an increase of 5.3% compared with 2005 (approx. €2.1 Billion).

  • This €2.3 Billion represents approximately 1.25% of the total defence expenditure of the pMS, estimated at €180 Billion annually (up from 1.19% from 2005).

  • There is a wide variety among pMS in their national Defence R&T expenditure. The six largest spenders account for 93.1% and the largest three 77.8% of the total in 2006, up from 92.8% and 76.7% respectively in 2005.

  • Out of total Defence R&T expenditure in 2006, the pMS will spend almost 88% on national R&T projects and programmes. Only 12.3% is spent collaboratively (with at least one other country), compared with 10.2% in 2005.

  • European programmes: collaborations of at least two EU member states account for between 9.0% and 10.8% of total Defence R&T expenditure in 2006, compared to 8.0% to 8.8% in 2005.


The overall level of Defence R&T expenditure is increasing in 2006, as is the amount spent collaboratively. Nevertheless, investing just 1.25% of the €180 Billion total defence spending in Defence R&T is clearly not enough to sustain Europe's future technological and industrial base. Although the proportion spent collaboratively shows an increase, the vast majority of R&T projects and programmes are conducted on a purely national basis.

The data clearly underline the need to spend more and spend more together.


Full text and tables

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