Turkey must stop persecuting academics

March 24, 2016

The Turkish government and the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, continue to oppress political dissent violently and illegally in Turkey. On 11 January, Erdoğan accused 1,128 academics of treason for signing a petition calling for peace in Turkey. In the petition, the signatories, known as Academics for Peace, stated that they would not be party either to state violence against the Kurds or to the Turkish state’s ongoing violation of its own laws and international treaties. After Erdoğan’s speech, hundreds of academics who signed the petition were subjected to disciplinary and criminal investigations, detentions and suspensions.

In response to this witch-hunt, we signed a letter in support of academic freedom in Turkey and asked for an end to the prosecution of Academics for Peace. The letter was submitted to MPs and MEPs in Europe and published in the media in January.

Yet the Turkish government did not heed the call for academic freedom; indeed, it intensified its witch-hunt against Academics for Peace. As of 10 March, the toll was as follows:

  Public universities Private universities
Suspended 27 2
Administrative investigation 471 60
Resignation 5 -
Forced retirement - 1
Dismissed 14 24
Criminal investigation 156 2
Detention 35 2

Furthermore, on 15 March three academics were incarcerated for signing the original call of Academics for Peace and announcing that they would start an “academic vigil”. The academics who have been arrested are: Esra Mungan, of Boğaziçi University; Kıvanç Ersoy, of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University; and Muzaffer Kaya, formerly of Nişantaşı University. The court also requested the arrest of Meral Camcı, formerly of Yeni Yuzyıl University; Camcı was not arrested as she is currently outside Turkey.

A fifth academic – Chris Stephenson, of Bilgi University, who is a UK citizen – was detained for holding a vigil outside the court in support of the three arrested academics and for possessing an invitation to celebrate Nowruz (Kurdish New Year) from a parliamentary party – the People’s Democratic Party (HDP). On 18 March, the case of Stephenson, who has been resident in Turkey since 1991, was referred to the migration directorate for deportation. He had to leave the country. [He has now been informed that there is “no ban on him entering Turkey” and he can return.]

We ask the international community and elected representatives to call on the Turkish government to stop the witch-hunt against Academics for Peace, respect academic freedom, free the arrested academics, and reinstate all the academics suspended or expelled during the persecution campaign with compensation.

Aaron Pacitti, United States
Abdul-Majeed Ahmad, United States
Adam Fishwick, United Kingdom
Adem Elveren, United States
Adina Cristina Ratiu, Romania
Aditya Sarkar, United Kingdom
Adnan Erkuş, Turkey
Adnan Levent, United Kingdom
Afroditi Koukoutsaki, Greece
Aggie Hirst, United Kingdom
Agnès Borbon, France
Ahmed Abbes, France
Ahu Ersöz, Turkey
Akram Bhatti, Pakistan
Al Campbell, United States
Alan Freeman, Canada
Alan Harrison, United Kingdom
Albena Azmanova, Belgium
Alberto Bernabé, Spain
Alberto Botta, Italy
Alberto Maffi, Italy
Aleix Gorchs, Spain
Alejandro Solà, United States
Alessandra Mezzadri, United Kingdom
Alessandra Russo, Italy
Alessandro Arienzo, Italy
Alessandro Dama, Italy
Alessandro Munari, France
Alessandro Vercelli, Italy
Alev Sen, United Kingdom
Alex Callinicos, United Kingdom
Alex Demirovic, Germany
Alex Kenny, United Kingdom
Alexa Staffler, France
Alexander Gallas, Germany
Alexander Guschanski, United Kingdom
Alexandra Zavos, Greece
Alexandros Papageorgiou, Luxembourg
Alexia Sofia Papazafeiropoulou, Greece
Alfredo Saad Filho, United Kingdom
Alicia Fdez Gómez, Spain
Alicia Puyana, Mexico
Alida Clemente, Italy
Alison Treacher, United Kingdom
Alison Watson, United Kingdom
Alliez Eric, France
Aloysius Pinto, Malaysia
Ambrose Pinto, United States
Amel A, United Kingdom
Amelia Nebenzahl, United States
Amélie Le Renard, France
Amélie Rochet-Capellan, France
Amin Allal, France
Amin Mangera, United Kingdom
Amke Müller, Netherlands
Amy Newcomb, United States
Ana Dana Beroš, Croatia
Ana Figueiredo, Portugal
Ana Luleva, Bulgaria
Anamitra Roychowdhury, India
Anastasia Kavada, United Kingdom
Anastasia Natsina, Greece
Anders Ekeland, Norway
Anders Neergaard, Sweden
Andranik Barsegyan, United States
André Freire, Portugal
Andrea Krizsan, Hungary
Andrea Prado, Mexico
Andrea Schiavi, United Kingdom
Andrea Shemberg, Italy
Andrea Tessier, Italy
Andreas Bonnet, Germany
Andreas Niebel, France
Andreas Stahl, Germany
Andreas Tsolakis, Spain
Andrew Abreu, United States
Andrew Denis, United Kingdom
Andrew Orton, United Kingdom
Andromachi Hadjiyanni, Greece
Angela Risso, Italy
Angelika Szeliga, Germany
Angeliki Konstantakopoulou, Greece
Angelo Buizza, Italy
Anirban Karak, India
Anita Stasulane, Latvia
Anitra Nelson, Australia
Anja Bosilkova, Republic of Macedonia
Anmol Somanchi, India
Ann Gallaway, United States
Ann Phoenix, United Kingdom
Anna Beaulieu, Canada
Anna Bibou Nakou, Greece
Anna Constantinou, United Kingdom
Anna Karakatsouli, Greece
Anna Koumandaraki, Greece
Anna Maria Ioppolo, Italy
Anna Rimondi, Italy
Anna Wyss, Switzerland
Anna Zelkina, United Kingdom
Anna-Verena Nosthoff, Germany
Annalisa Dal Pra, Norway
Anne Engelhardt, Germany
Anne Raffarin, France
Anne Vial-Logeay, France
Anne-Geneviève Bagnères, France
Anne-Marie Beiren, Belgium
Annette Mansell-green, United Kingdom
Annette Ruelle, Belgium
Annette Schramm, Germany
Anthony Collins, South Africa
Anthony Derisiotis, Greece
Anthony Moretti, United States
Antigoni Nikolaki, Greece
Antoine Martin, France
Antoinette Kuijlaars, France
Antonella Palumbo, Italy
Antoni Bosch-Veciana, Spain
Antoni Verger Planells, Spain
Antonio Alvar Ezquerra, Spain
Apostolos Papadopoulos, Greece
Arache Djannati-Ataï, France
Arianna Lovera, Italy
Arietta Papaconstantinou, United Kingdom
Aristita Albacan, United Kingdom
Armagan Gezici, United States
Armelle Andro, France
Arnaud Burtin, France
Arsan Khasbulatov, United Kingdom
Arslan Razmi, United States
Art B, United States
Art Hazelwood, United States
Arthur MacEwan, United States
Arzu Arat, Sweden
Arzun Kaş Doğulu, Turkey
Asa Cusack, United Kingdom
Ashok Prasad, United States
Asli Atay, Turkey
Aslihan Arslan, Turkey
Aslı Vatansever, Turkey
Astrid Albrecht-Heide, Germany
Athanasia Bara, France
Athanasia Voulieri, Greece
Athanasios Marvakis, Greece
Athanassios Sakellariadis, Greece
Athena Athanasiou, Greece
Athina Vogiatzoglou, Greece
Attilio Trezzini, Italy
Aurélie Audeval, France
Avanti Mukherjee, India
Ayse Asim, United Kingdom
Ayse Henry, Turkey
Ayşe Takış, Turkey
Aysin Yoltar, Italy
Ayushya Kaul, India
Azad Arman, Iraq
Azim Hajee, United Kingdom
Bahadir Akin, United Kingdom
Bahar Araz, Turkey
Bahar Kurtuluş, Turkey
Bahtiyar Mermertaş, Turkey
Banu Eryilmaz, Turkey
Banu Turhan, United States
Barbara Hemforth, France
Barbara Wienigk, Germany
Barry Adam, Canada
Bart Farell, United States
Basil Lourié, Russian Federation
Batur Talu, Turkey
Beate Hainschek, Austria
Béla Kapossy, Switzerland
Belén Azcuénaga, Spain
Ben Fine, United Kingdom
Benedetta Gualeni, United Kingdom
Bengi Yıldırım, Turkey
Berit Aasen, Norway
Bernd Belina, Germany
Bertell Ollman, United States
Bettina Fritzsche, Germany
Bettina Vick Bickhardt, Norway
Beverley Sinton, Belgium
Bhavani R V, India
Bilge Selçuk, Turkey
Bilge Yabanci, France
Bilgesu Madenli, Turkey
Bill Bowring, United Kingdom
Bill Lucarelli, Australia
Bill MacKeith, United Kingdom
Bill Teamann, United States
Billie Loebner, United Kingdom
Bindu Oberoi, India
Bingul Durbas, United Kingdom
Birgit Neufert , Germany
Birgul Yilmaz, United Kingdom
Bjarke Risager, United States
Blandine Destremau, France
Bo Khatib, United States
Bob Boyton, United Kingdom
Borbála Kálmán, Hungary
Borimir Totev, United Kingdom
Brad Blitz, United Kingdom
Brent Hepner, United States
Brian Cairns, United Kingdom
Bridget Impey, South Africa
Brigitte Kossek, Austria
Bruce Matthews, United States
Brunilda Pali, Belgium
Buket Turkmen, Turkey
Bulent Gökay, United Kingdom
Bulent Sahin, Turkey
Bunu Goso Umara, Nigeria
Burak Evren, Turkey
Burcu Gündüz, Turkey
Burcu Ozgun, Turkey
Çağlar Çetin, Turkey
Çağrı Ersen, Turkey
Cameron Estes, United States
Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Norway
Camille Foubert, France
Campbell Fitch, Canada
Canan Kılıçkeser, Turkey
Canan Nebigil-Désaubry, France
Cansu Kuey, Turkey
Cansu Ozduzen, United States
Carine Lorenzoni, France
Carl Challborn, Canada
Carl Mather, New Zealand
Carlos Ayala, Belgium
Carlos Lévy, France
Carme Armentano Oller, Switzerland
Carmen Codoñer Merino, Spain
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Caroline Day, United Kingdom
Caroline Metz, United Kingdom
Caroline Williams, Turkey
Carolyn Egan, Canada
Catarina Martinho Guerreiro, Portugal
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Catherine Gilbert, United Kingdom
Catherine Jolivet-Levy, France
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catherine Nguyen, France
Catherine Vigier, France
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Cathy Berenbaum, United States
Cédric Durand, France
Celine Cantat, United Kingdom
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Charles Guérin, France
Charles Newlin, United States
Charlie Kimber, United Kingdom
Cheryl Greciet, France
Chiara Pistocchi, Italy
Chiwuike Uba, Nigeria
Chris Betit, United States
Chris Stone, United States
Christa Paula, United Kingdom
Christian Möllmann, Germany
Christiane Dalton-Puffer, Austria
Christina Vasilopoulou, Greece
Christina Werner, Germany
Christine Bauhardt, Germany
Christine Chataigner, France
Christine Kirchhoff, Germany
Christine Lang, Germany
Christoph Valenta, Austria
Christos Tourtouras, Greece
Christy Petropoulou, Greece
Chryssa Marinou, Greece
Çiçek Kılıç, Turkey
Cigdem Aslan, United States
Cigdem Kantoglu, Turkey
Cigdem Tas, United Kingdom
Cihan Aksan, Cyprus
Cihan Kaygisiz, France
Claire Aumeran, France
Claire Lyall, United Kingdom
Clara Bonhomme, France
Claudia Schuetz, Spain
Claudius Gräbner, Germany
Clément Rivière, France
Colin Barker, United Kingdom
Colin O Driscoll, Belgium
Colleen Higgs, South Africa
Conny Klocker, United Kingdom
Conor Kennelly, Ireland
Conor Tomás Reed, United States
Constantin Boundas, Canada
Costas Papazachos, Greece
Cristina Del Bianco, Italy
D. Banerjee, India
Dalia Wahdan, Egypt
Dallas C. Galvin, United States
Damian Walenta, United Kingdom
Damien Vanneste, France
Damon Bosetti, United States
Daniel Bendix, Germany
Daniel Francia, Spain
Daniel Goulart, Brazil
Daniel Kloke, United States
Daniel Raymond-Barker, United Kingdom
Daniel Rooney, Portugal
Daniela Manetti, Italy
Daniela Novelli, Italy
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Dannreuther Charlie, United Kingdom
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Lina Le Gall, France
Lina Pinto, Canada
Lina Venturas, Greece
Linda Clarke, United Kingdom
Linus Westheuser, Germany
Lipi Ghosh, India
Lisa Sigl, Austria
Lisa Tilley, United Kingdom
Liz Turner, United Kingdom
Lorenzo Mari, Italy
Lorraine Tillett, United Kingdom
Luc Geurts, Belgium
Luc Van Buynder, Belgium
Luca Enriques, United Kingdom
Lucia Pradella, Italy
Lucia Saudelli, France
Lucie Baudouin, France
Lucie Jolivet, France
Lucile Quéré, France
Luis Arturo Restrepo, Colombia
Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Netherlands
Luis Valenzuela, United Kingdom
Luisa Marujo, Portugal
Luisa Severo Buarque de Holanda, Brazil
Luke Martell, United Kingdom
Luke Martinelli, United Kingdom
Luke Yates, United Kingdom
Lutz Brückelmann, Portugal
Lynne Segal, United Kingdom
M.Cem Öztüfekçi, Turkey
M.W. Baayen, Netherlands
Machiko Nissanke, United Kingdom
Madeleine Drake, United States
Magnus Ring, Sweden
Malcolm Sawyer, United Kingdom
Malte Albrecht, Germany
Mandy Turner, Occupied Palestinian Territory
Manfred Lieb, Germany
Manolis Papadakis, Greece
Manon Gordan, United States
Manos Ktistakis, Greece
Manos Spyridakis, Greece
Manuel Sanz Morales, Spain
Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle, Austria
Manuela Beste, United Kingdom
Marc Delepouve, France
Marc Lavoie, Canada
Marc Reckinger, Luxembourg
Marc-Olivier Déplaude, France
Marcelo Boeri, Chile
Marco Giovagnoni, Italy
Marco van Leeuwen, Netherlands
Marcos Martinho, Brazil
Mareike Beck, United Kingdom
Marga Flader, Germany
Margaret Woods, United Kingdom
Margarete Rubik, Austria
Margarita Dobreva, Bulgaria
Margarita Hoppe, Netherlands
Margarita Nazou, Greece
Margot Weiss, United States
Mari Booker, United Kingdom
Maria Argyropoulou, Greece
Maria Chiara Cantelmo, Italy
Maria de las Nieves Muñiz Muñiz, Spain
Maria Floro, United States
Maria Goulão, Portugal
Maria Kambouri, Greece
Maria Kavala, Greece
Maria Kokkinou, France
Maria Lipiskova, Bulgaria
María Luisa Femenías, Argentina
Maria Nikolaidi, United Kingdom
Maria Nikolakaki, Greece
Maria Papadaki , Greece
Maria Paradeisi  , Greece
Maria Paschalidou, Greece
Maria Perraki, Greece
Maria Pournari, Greece
Maria Soledad Falabella Luco, Chile
Maria Theodoropoulou, Greece
Mariam Majd, United States
Mariana Regalado, United States
Marianne Ziebula, Germany
Marie Buscatto, France
Marie-Anne Sabiani, France
Marie-France Auzépy, France
Marie-Helene Congourdeau, France
Marie-LIse Maddelein, France
Marieke Krijnen, Belgium
Marilena Vakalopoulou, Greece
Marilyn de Santos, United Kingdom
Marina Abad, Spain
Marinella Lörinczi, Italy
Mario Novelli , United Kingdom
Marion Bourbon, France
Marion Cook, United States
Marios Papakyriacou, Greece
Mariya Kiprovska, Bulgaria
Mark Baxendale, United Kingdom
Mark Burton, United Kingdom
Mark Dempsey, United States
Mark Paul, United States
Mark Rupert, United States
Markus Pausch, Austria
Markus Wissen, Germany
Marta Bula, Poland
Marta Torres, Spain
Martin Empson, United Kingdom
Martin Goodsell, United Kingdom
Martin van Bruinessen, Netherlands
Martine Dauzier, France
Martine Dick, Belgium
Mary Altabev, United Kingdom
Mary Ann Max, Canada
Mary Davis, United Kingdom
Mary Harrington, United States
Mary Hayes, United States
Mary Iliadis, Greece
Mary McCue, Turkey
Mary Taylor, United States
Mary-Paz Arrieta-Paredes, United Kingdom
Massimiliano Rossi, Italy
Massimo Evangelisti, Italy
Massoud Karshenas, United Kingdom
Mathias Fiedler, Germany
Mathias Vanwolleghem, France
Mathilde Van Drooghenbroeck, Belgium
Matías Vernengo, United States
Matt Carr, United Kingdom
Matt Hussmann, United States
Matthew Cunningham-Cook, United States
Matthew Fuller, United Kingdom
Matthew Gunningham, United Kingdom
Matthew Hyland , United Kingdom
Maureen Wint, Canada
Mausumi Chetia, India
Max Rößler, Germany
Meghana Rao, India
Mehdi Husaini, United Kingdom
Mehmet Ali Ayan, France
Mehmet Kayaalp, United States
Mehmet Kerem Coban, Singapore
Mehmet Ugur, United Kingdom
Mélanie Lucciano, France
Melehat Kutun, Turkey
Melike Acar, Turkey
Melina Paissidou, Greece
Memis Saglam, Australia
Meredith Tax, United States
Merve Kayan, United States
Merve Sancak, United Kingdom
Merve Simsek, United Kingdom
Meryem Bars, Turkey
Metin Anli, Turkey
Metin Duran, United States
Michael Ash, United States
Michael Biggs, United Kingdom
Michael Bowen, United States
Michael Briguglio, Malta
Michael Brookes, United Kingdom
Michael Godet C. Sambo, Mozambique
Michael Harris, United States
Michael Heinrich, Germany
Michael Paling, United Kingdom
Michael Reid, United Kingdom
Michael Van Leeuwen, Hong Kong
Michael Weber, Austria
Michail Veliziotis, United Kingdom
Michalis Nikiforos, United States
Michel Stavrou, France
Michele Cangiani, Italy
Michèle Riot-Sarcey, France
Mieke Verloo, Netherlands
Milena Grass, Chile
Milka Ivanovska Hadjievska, United Kingdom
Miriam Girard, Italy
Miriam Rehm, Austria
Mirjam Edel, Germany
Misha Velthuis, United Kingdom
Mita Choudhury, India
Monica Brady, United Kingdom
Monica Clua-Losada, United States
Monica Musri, Italy
Monique Sochaczewski, Brazil
Monique Trede, France
Monita Chatterjee, United States
Monojyoti Maitra, India
Morag Gillie, United Kingdom
Mustafa Akduran, United States
Mustafa Yasacan, United Kingdom
Myriam Blanc, France
Nadia Jamil, United Kingdom
Nadje Al-Ali, United Kingdom
Nafisa Altai , Canada
Nallbani Etleva, France
Nandini Chandra, India
Naomi Head, United Kingdom
Naoum Matsas, Greece
Nasima Moujoud , France
Nat Sinob, France
Natasha Myers, Canada
Nathaniel Cline, United States
Nawla Darwiche Darwiche, Egypt
Nazan Aksan, United States
Nazifa Sukur, United Kingdom
Nehir Banaz, Turkey
Neil Hart, Australia
Neşe Ergunsü, Turkey
Nicholas Hildyard, United Kingdom
Nicholas J. Theocarakis, Greece
Nicholas Thoburn, United Kingdom
Nick Clark, United Kingdom
Nicky Panagiotopoulou, Greece
Nicola Pizzolato, United Kingdom
Nicola Pratt, United Kingdom
Nicolas Van Labeke, United Kingdom
Nicole De Sosa, Australia
Nicole Kjorstad, United Kingdom
Niels Spierings, Netherlands
Nihal Oturan, France
Niilo Kauppi, Finland
Nikita Lazarenko, United Kingdom
Nikolaos Koulouris, Greece
Nikolaos Potamianos, Greece
Nikolay Aretov, Bulgaria
Nikos Bozatzis, Greece
Nikos Theotokas, Greece
Nina Haerter, Belgium
Noam Chomsky, United States
Noel Hannon, United Kingdom
Noemi Levy, Mexico
Nora Räthzel, Spain
Norbert Dr. Griesmayer, Austria
Norman Waitzman, United States
Nuno Ferreira, United Kingdom
Nurperi Evcim Yigit, United Kingdom
Obajimi Adefiranye, United Kingdom
Odile Bonis, France
Ödül Bozkurt, United Kingdom
OG Dayaratna-Banda, Sri Lanka
Oh Jong-seok, United States
Olga Moulatsiotou, Greece
Oliver Ujah, Nigeria
Olivier Bivort, Italy
Olivier Fillieule, Switzerland
Omar Sirri, Canada
Oristelle Bonis, France
Oscar Conde, Argentina
Oscar Jarzmik, Canada
Östen Wahlbeck, Finland
Otto Holman, Netherlands
Oturan Mehmet, France
Ovidiu Rus, Romania
Owen Parker, United Kingdom
Oya Yağcı, Turkey
Ozalp Babaoglu, Italy
Ozgul Calicioglu, United States
Özgür Genç, Germany
Ozgur Unveren, Germany
Ozlem Feo, France
Ozlem Kaya, Turkey
Ozlem Onaran, United Kingdom
Özlem Şekercioğlu, Turkey
Pablo Bortz, Argentina
Pam Laurance, United Kingdom
Pam Sporn, United States
Panagiota Sarischouli, Greece
Panagis Karazeris, Greece
Panayotis Tassios, Greece
Pandora Mouriki-Puyguiraud, Greece
Panos Garganas, Greece
Paola Espin, Ecuador
Paola Picazo, Austria
Paolo Cuttitta, Netherlands
Paolo Novak, United Kingdom
Paolo Piacentini, Italy
Paolo Ramazzotti, Italy
Pär Zetterberg, Sweden
Parvati Raghuram, United Kingdom
Pascal Maillard, France
Pascale Bardi, France
Pascale Hancart Petitet, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Pasquale Scaramozzino, United Kingdom
Pat Devine, United Kingdom
Patricia Cañizares Ferriz, Spain
Paul Demont, France
Paul Jacobs, United States
Paul Packham, United Kingdom
Paul Reynolds, United Kingdom
Paul Wagg, United Kingdom
Pauline Delage, United States
Pauline Fraser, United Kingdom
Pedro Loureiro, United Kingdom
Pelin Tan, Turkey
Penelope Foundethakis, Greece
Perrine Galand, Belgium
Peter Greenhill, United Kingdom
Peter Herrmann, Italy
Peter Spiegler, United States
Peter Willetts, United Kingdom
Petrus de Haan, Brazil
Peyman Jafari, Netherlands
Philip G Cerny , United Kingdom
Philip Kozel, United States
Philip Pitha, United States
Philip Ward, United Kingdom
Phillip Mitsis, United Arab Emirates
Phoebe Everingham, Australia
Pierre Labadie, France
Pierre Maraval, France
Pierre-Guillaume Prigent, France
Pieter Verstraete, United Kingdom
Pinar Coskun, Netherlands
Pooja Lal, India
Porée Lydie, France
Prabhakar Krishnamurthy, India
Prabhas Choudhuri, India
Radha Upadhyaya, Kenya
Rafael Laboissière, France
Rahel Hünig, Germany
Rahel Kun, Switzerland
Rahila Gupta, United Kingdom
Rahul Rao, United Kingdom
Raphael Hoermann, United Kingdom
Raphael Tsavkko Garcia, Spain
Rashad Salim, United Kingdom
Rashmi Chopra, United Kingdom
Raúl Gutiérrez, Peru
Raymond Detrez, Belgium
Rebecca Fuchs, Germany
Rebecca Ogden, United Kingdom
Rebekah Palmer, United Kingdom
Reed Kurtz, United States
Renate Kirstein, Germany
Renate Klein, Australia
Renee Prendergast, United Kingdom
Riaz Ahmed, Pakistan
Riccardo Bellofiore, Italy
Richard Alexander, United Kingdom
Rita Biswal, India
Rob Cooke, United Kingdom
Robert Foster, United States
Robert Mertzig, Luxembourg
Robert Mittelman, United States
Robert Pollin, United States
Robert Post, United States
Roberto Veneziani, United Kingdom
Roderick Wijunamai, India
Roeland Joris, Belgium
Roger Carberry, United Kingdom
Roger Houghton, Hong Kong
Roger Pannier, France
Rohit Azad, India
Romy Sanchez, France
Rosalind Petchesky, United States
Rosário Mauritti, Portugal
Rossen Djagalov, United States
Rossitsa Gradeva, Bulgaria
Rouli Lykogianni , Greece
Rowanna Cadman-Bell, United Kingdom
Roxane Caftanzoglou, Greece
Rudiger von Arnim, United States
Rudy Stevens, Belgium
Russell Haggar, United Kingdom
Russell Janis, United States
Russell Woodward, United States
Ruth Felder, United States
Ryan Toews, Canada
Sabine Grenz, Germany
Sal Morawetz, United Kingdom
Sally Mclean, Australia
Salvatore Di Martino, Italy
Sam O'Brien, United Kingdom
Samantha Sterba, United States
Samim Akgonul, France
Samuel Farber, United States
Samuel Knafo, United Kingdom
Sander van Lanen, Ireland
Sandra Turner, United Kingdom
Sandrine Costamagno, France
Sanjaya Bohidar, India
Saori Shibata, United Kingdom
Sara Helman, Israel
Sara Motta, Australia
Sara Silvestri, United Kingdom
Sara Winnington, United Kingdom
Sarah Bracke, Belgium
Sarah Bracking, South Africa
Sarah Dornhof, Germany
Sarah Kunz, United Kingdom
Sarah Mazouz, France
Sarah Parker, United Kingdom
Sarah Quast, Germany
Sarah Sills, United States
Sardar Hamid, Canada
Sartaj Khan, Pakistan
Sassan Gholiagha, Germany
Satoshi Miyamura, United Kingdom
Satyaki Roy, India
Scott Henderson, Canada
Sean Wallis, United Kingdom
Sebastian Bodirsky, Germany
Sébastien Rioux, Canada
Secil İlker, Austria
Selen Babayakali, Turkey
Selin Mengü, Turkey
Sema Thompson, United Kingdom
Senija Causevic, United Kingdom
Sergio Camara Izquierdo, Mexico
Sergio Grancagnolo, France
Serife Dervish, United Kingdom
Serkan Delice, United Kingdom
Sevim Asliyuce, Belgium
Seyhan Yuksel, United Kingdom
Shahana Bhattacharya, India
Shaun Teale, United Kingdom
Shayn Mccallum, Turkey
Shruti Mukherjee, United States
Silja Klepp, Germany
Silke Dr. Betscher, Germany
Silvia Cuttin, Italy
Silvia Monti, Italy
Silvia Petrova, Bulgaria
Simon Robbins, United Kingdom
Simon Sackwild, United Kingdom
Simone Ashby, Portugal
Simranjit Kaur, United Kingdom
Siobhan Airey, Canada
Smet Kris, Belgium
Smitha Francis, India
Snigdha Kumar, India
Sofia Askaridou, France
Sofia Laine, Finland
Sofia Trilliva, Greece
Sofie Steinberger, Germany
Sokratis Petmezas, Greece
Sola Omoju, Austria
Sona Mitra, India
Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, France
Sonja Kleinod, Germany
Sophia Woodman, United Kingdom
Sophie Basch, France
Sophie Bernard, France
Sophie Blank, United Kingdom
Sophie Hinger , Germany
Sophie Lecomte, France
Sophie Rétif, France
Sossie Kasbarian, United Kingdom
Sotirios Karampampas, United Kingdom
Spyridon Pantazis, Greece
Stefan Peychev, United States
Stefan Seuring, Germany
Stefania Animento, Italy
Stefania Placenti Placenti, Italy
Stefano Lucarelli, Italy
Stefano Maso, Italy
Stefanos Ioannou, United Kingdom
Stella Lavva, Greece
Stephan Scheel, United Kingdom
Stephane Tonnelat, United States
Stéphanie Pache, Switzerland
Stephanos Dimitriou, Greece
Stephen Bates, United Kingdom
Stephen Bouquin, France
Stephen Liss, United States
Stephen Shaw, United States
Steve Cushion, United Kingdom
Steven French, United Kingdom
Steven Walk, United States
Stuart Russell, France
Sue Caldwell, United Kingdom
Sulamith Brodbeck, France
Sumiko Texier, France
Suna Parlak, United Kingdom
Sunanda Sen, India
Susan Blythe-Goodman, United States
Susan Hawthorne, Australia
Susan Jenner, United Kingdom
Susan Malcolm-Smith, South Africa
Susan Webber, United States
Susanna Gambino Longo, France
Susannah O’Sullivan, United Kingdom
Susanne Spindler, Germany
Svetla Koleva, Bulgaria
Sygkliti Pelidou , Greece
Talip Kilic, Italy
Tanja Khorrami, Germany
Tanja Kupresanin, Serbia
Tanya Shennan, United Kingdom
Tash Shifrin, United Kingdom
Tassos Anastopoulos, Greece
Télesphore Sime-Ngando, France
Teodora Tzankova, Bulgaria
Teoman Pamukçu, Turkey
Terry Conway, United Kingdom
Tessie Medina, United States
Tetta Korhonen, Finland
Thana Campos, Canada
Thanassis Rentzis, Greece
Themistoklis kabanos, Greece
Théo Philia, France
Theofilos Gkinopoulos, United Kingdom
Theofilos Kolettis, Greece
Thomas Bürk, Germany
Thomas Goda, Colombia
Thomas Lambert, United States
Thomas Marois, United Kingdom
Thomas Maud-Yeuse, France
Thomas Sablowski, Germany
Thomas Selemane, Mozambique
Thomas Weisskopf, United States
Tigran Parseghyan, Armenia
Tim DiMuzio, Australia
Tim Kaposy, Canada
Timothy Frasca, United States
Timothy Stanton, United States
Timur Fadıl Oguz, Turkey
Tina Magazzini, Spain
Tiverios Vaimakis, Greece
Toa Giroletti, Italy
Tod Sloan, United States
Tom Mayer, United States
Tomas Rotta, United Kingdom
Toni Valeriano, United Kingdom
Tony Deady, United Kingdom
Torsten Heinrich, Germany
Tracy Mott, United States
Trofin Gabriela, Romania
Tuba Baykara, Turkey
Tuna Altınel, France
Turan Altuner, Germany
Turkan Esen, France
Tyler Hansen, United States
Ugo Boscain, France
Umit Yildiz, United Kingdom
Umut Ozkirimli, Sweden
Üstün Reinart, Turkey
Valentina Seidel, Germany
Valeriia Shestak, Hungary
Vangelis Sarafis, Greece
Varvara Trachana, Greece
Vasia Tsakiri, Greece
Vasileios Kardasis, Greece
Vasili Manousakis, Greece
Vassilis Monastiriotis, United Kingdom
Veena Naregal, India
Veli Yadirgi, United Kingdom
Veroniki Korakidou, Greece
Veronique Martin, France
Vicky Betsou, Greece
Vicky Iakovou, Greece
Victòria Alsina Keith, Spain
Victoria Chick, United Kingdom
Vikas Rawal, India
Vincenzo Barca, Italy
Vincenzo Riso, Portugal
Vinod Vijayakumar, United States
Virginie Stucki, Switzerland
Viv Matthies, Netherlands
Viviane Wansart, Belgium
Vlado Kmec, United Kingdom
Wada Ade , Nigeria
Wakilur Rahman, Bangladesh
Warren Chambers, United Kingdom
Wat Stearns, United States
Werner Bonefeld, United Kingdom
Weyts Thomas, Belgium
Willem Bruls, Netherlands
Witold Nowak, Poland
Witold Redel, France
Wolfgang L. Gombocz, Austria
Wolfram Elsner, Germany
Yaatsil Guevara, Germany
Yair Wallach, United Kingdom
Yannick Crémillieux, France
Yannicke de Stexhe, Belgium
Yannis Dafermos, United Kingdom
Yannis Skalidakis, Greece
Yasemin Dildar, United States
Yasemin Ucan, Germany
Yavuz Yasar, United States
Yeshim Onsal-Longhorn, United Kingdom
Yesim Erim, United States
Yiannis Deligiannakis, Greece
Yordan Lyutskanov, Bulgaria
Yorgos Dedes, United Kingdom
Yüksel Doğan, Turkey
Yusuf Aydin, United States
Yves Dierick, Belgium
Zeynep Bengu, Turkey
Zeynep Elif Tanyer, Turkey
Zeynep Mualla Nettekoven, Germany
Zeynep Yürekli-Görkay, United Kingdom
Zoe Chatzidakis, France
Zoe Hadzi, Greece
Zoe Lawlor, Ireland
Zuzana Prochazkova, Slovakia
Μαρία Πάλλα, Greece
Μαριάννα Βελαώρα, Greece
Μαρινος Διαμαντιδης, United Kingdom
Ματινα Καλιαροπουλου, Greece
Νelly Pavlidou, Greece
Χρήστος Ελευθεριάδης, Greece
Александр Гордин, Russian Federation
елена петровская, Russian Federation
Элка Димитрова, Bulgaria

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Is it possible to be included in the list of signatories? Olivier Lartillot, Denmark (researcher)


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