Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey, a leading higher ed institution in Latin America, is advancing cutting-edge scientific research and translating new knowledge into actionable solutions to address global issues. This distinctive approach, coined as "Science in Action," guides its endeavors. Through initiatives like the oriGen Project and specialized research institutes tackling pressing issues in education, obesity and sustainable manufacturing, Tec is making significant contributions to the global research landscape.

The oriGen Project aims to bridge this gap by conducting the largest genetic sequencing study ever done in Latin America. Tec researchers are collecting genomic and epidemiological data from over 100,000 Mexican citizens in order to create a comprehensive biobank database that will provide data and insights and fuel research to develop faster and more accurate diagnoses that will transform policymaking in health.

The Institute for the Future of Education (IFE) is dedicated to addressing present and future educational challenges. In collaboration with global partners, IFE creates, disseminates, and applies research-based educational innovation to improve higher education and lifelong learning responding to rapidly changing industry needs.

The Institute for Obesity Research tackles one of the world’s largest health challenges. A better understanding of obesity helps advance research on chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer to promote early prevention and improve health outcomes.

Mexico is one of the world’s most important manufacturing hubs, counting more free-trade agreements than any other country in the world. Tec's Institute of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing is focused on developing innovative technologies to generate new materials and design sustainable manufacturing processes.

Tecnológico de Monterrey’s commitment to leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship nurtures an ecosystem that maximizes social impact and disseminates new technologies that lead the way in scientific advancement for the benefit of society worldwide.



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