Research Hub - Modul University Vienna

Modul University Vienna is an innovative international university for business and economics, with a focus on globalization, sustainability, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and a strong brand legacy within tourism & hospitality.

Our university combines a strong academic foundation with steadfast commitment to sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation as the key drivers of long-term success. We aim to foster independent and original research and in turn, bring the benefits of innovation to the research community and the public.

In pursuit of our mission, Modul University responds creatively to local, national, and global changes. We initiate and support internationalization, lifelong learning, equality, and social justice.

Modul University is home to 5 main academic schools, dedicating their expertise in

Modul University Vienna has been ranked amongst the top 25 universities in top-cited publications twice in the past 5 years, in both 2020 and 2018 and our expert scholars continue to publish and contribute extraordinary research.