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6 in 10 food adverts during family TV shows promote junk food

A new report, based on research conducted at the University of Liverpool, shows that almost six in ten food and drink adverts shown during family programmes popular with children are for ‘junk food’ such as fast food, takeaways and confectionery.

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Ocean warming signals diet change for European shags

The diet of European shags has diversified as a result of warming North Sea temperatures according to a new long-term study led by the University of Liverpool and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

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Liverpool to play leading role in new UK National Biofilms Innovation Centre

The University of Liverpool is to play a leading role in a new UK centre of excellence for biofilms research announced today as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

The National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) recognises the UK’s excellence in biofilms research and brings the best UK biofilm research teams together with UK companies from across the industrial sectors to accelerate the adoption of new technologies into live products and services.

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£2.2m collaboration to develop new approaches for HIV therapy

A collaboration between the University of Liverpool and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSM) has been awarded a further £2.2m ($3) to develop sophisticated new medicines for HIV.

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