A Painless, Micro Injection that You Can Do Yourself with the Latest Chula’s Innovation “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles”

A startup under the umbrella of CU Innovation Hub in collaboration with the Chula Faculty of Science has developed an innovative “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedle” that makes any injections easy and painless for everyone, while also significantly reducing medical wastes.

Those afraid of needles and injections rejoice! Today, getting an injection is no longer scary or painful, because we have a “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedle”, an innovative microneedle patch that can be implanted, fully detached, and dissolved under your skin! A product from Mineed Technology Co., Ltd., a startup under the umbrella of the Innovation Hub of Chulalongkorn University (CU Innovation Hub) with Prof. Dr. Supason Wanichwecharraung, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University.

“Injection is one form of a typical treatment and prophylaxis that everyone has to deal with, whether it’s vaccination, insulin for diabetics treatment, or even a typical injections to treat facial acnes.  In contrast, for people with Trypanophobia, the injection can significantly causes distress, in some cases, severe physical trauma, such as hyperhidrosis patients, who would require 30 injections under each armpit,” Prof. Supason explained about the kickoff ideas of the microneedle patch.


From Problems to the Development of “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles”

Microneedles were invented and have been used globally for a while, but they have not been as popular as they should be. Prof. Supason revealed the problem of the previous generation of microneedles “the needles do not dissolve immediately so that patches have to be left on for 2-6 hours. In addition, the levels of moisture on each person’s skin are different, causing the active medication embedded in the needles to absorb at a different rate, not completely dissolve, or do not penetrate the skin of the users.”  

“So, we developed this innovation that once the needle patch is in place, the implanted needle can be instantly detached itself into the skin, similar to implanting a splinter into human skin, but in this case, it doesn’t hurt, 100% safe, and a lot quicker than other typical dissolving microneedles.”


Small but Full-performance Needles

The innovative microneedle contains active medication in a tiny needle of no more than 1 millimeter (1,000 microns). It can quickly dissolve into the skin giving a different sensation than an injection with a typical syringe.

Mr. Chokchai Puangsiri, Director of Business Development, Mineed Technology Co., Ltd., who frequently try the microneedle, described the experience of using the patches, “although it feels like something is touching the skin, it feels far less painful than a typical syringe injection, more like touching the prickly part of the velcro tape. The microneedles can also be self-administered anytime, anywhere without the need for any medical expert anymore.”

In addition to reducing the pain and fear of the syringe, another advantage of using microneedles is that the dosage of medication is much lower. Prof. Dr. Supason gave an example of the COVID-19 vaccination, “there are two types of COVID-19 vaccinations, intramuscular vaccinations, and subcutaneous vaccinations.  Subcutaneous injections are better at stimulating the immune while using lower doses than intramuscular injections, but subcutaneous injections are more difficult to inject and, if done frequently, it can cause scarring.”

The innovative soluble microneedles, therefore, make subcutaneous injections a simple matter and eliminate the likelihood of “scarring” from injections with syringes, especially among patients who need regular subcutaneous injections, such as diabetics.  Also, dissolving microneedles help significantly reducing the amount of hazardous medical waste like needles and syringes as well.


Microneedles are easy to use.  Anyone can give themselves an injection.

Microneedles cater to those who need to have frequent subcutaneous injections so that they do not have to waste their time and money traveling to receive services from healthcare profession. It is also a suitable for those who are afraid of needles or do not dare to give themselves injections.

“In the past, many diabetic patients died because they did not dare to give themselves insulin injections, and therefore, were not properly treated. Therefore, microneedles are the answer for this group of people, because patients can inject themselves easily.”

“Microneedles also help extend drugs’ shelf life, as liquid drugs are solidified to be used in the microneedles, thus their shelf life is extended for up to 1-2 more years.

With various microneedle properties, Mr. Chokchai said the innovation will help healthcare profession in providing telemedicine services without patients having to come to the hospitals for their injections in the future, which is really cost inefficient. 


How to use “Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles”

The Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedle set consists of two components: a microneedle patch, and a moisture patch resembling a wet tissue. The application starts with placing the microneedle patch on the skin where the injection is needed. Use your fingers to press all over the sheet so that the needle containing the drug is embedded under the skin. Place the wet patch over the microneedle patch to dissolve it. Leave it for at least 2 minutes for those needle to be detached and dissolved under the skin.  Then, peel off the wet and microneedle patches, and it’s done – both conveniently and quickly.

For people who are worried about allergic reactions, Prof. Dr. Supason explained that “the microneedle is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a polymer that is already exist in any human body, so it surely doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. The needle can be used by anyone, but it also depends on the type of drug or vaccine that is injected. If the user is allergic to the drug or vaccine, it is inevitable that there is a chance for an allergic reaction.”


How to use the dissolvable microneedles


Group of medicines suitable for microneedles

Microneedles can be used with all types of drugs and vaccines injected subcutaneously, whether they are topical, such as anti-acne, anti keloid scarring medicines, or drugs for bodily systems, such as diabetes, migraine, contraception, etc.

“In our Detachable and Dissolvable Microneedles, we can exactly control the dosage, the depth of the skin layer to be injected, and the time for dissolution rate appropriate to the drugs,” Mr. Chokchai said.

Unsuitable drug types for microneedles are those with high dosage, because of the limited size of patches and needles making them too small for high-dose drugs. The proper dose is 1 mg per square centimeter.


Marketing opportunities for microneedles

Mr. Chokchai mentioned that the current development of microneedles is for two markets: the cosmetics market and the pharmaceutical market.

In the cosmetics market, hospitals and cosmetology clinics, both local and overseas, have ordered and used the microneedles, which have already been registered with FDA in Thailand and Europe, with vitamins and skincare agents.  In the future, interested parties with drug formulas can commission the company to develop microneedles.

For the pharmaceutical market, the process is at the Proof of Concept stage, and clinical trials are underway in collaboration with the company’s partners before the products are launched at general pharmacies.

“We tested a variety of medications, such as anti-inflammatories for the skin, acne medicines, and blood-glucose-lowering medicines for diabetics, and it worked well. But to sell them, we need to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations,” Chokchai said.

The innovative Detachable and Dissolvable microneedles can be developed for many types of medicines, such as herbal patches for mosquito bites. The characteristics and components of the microneedles can also be adjusted to match the performance of any specific medicines, such as the size of the needle, or the duration of dissolution.

Dissolvable microneedles will give people wider access to treatment and preventive medicine because there’s no need to be afraid of needles or pain any longer.  Now, needles are only minute matters.

For parties interested in developing their existing medicine or treatment formula into soluble microneedles or having an idea to further develop their products into soluble microneedles, please contact Mineed Technology Co., Ltd. Tel. +669-6974-8855 (Mr. Chokchai) or visit https://mineed.tech/

Source: https://www.chula.ac.th/en/highlight/73232/