Southwest Jiaotong UniversityAn intelligent manufacturing team won 40 million RMB funds for industry and education integration construction

An intelligent manufacturing team won 40 million RMB funds for industry and education integration construction

 A team led by intelligent manufacturing scientist Guofu Ding has received a 40 million RMB (US$5,956,000) grant to further research and building into intelligent manufacturing technologies that can improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. Awarded by the Sichuan government, the funding will support the team’s work over two years.

Fig. 1 Four-chain integration in intelligent manufacturing industry and education integration

This project, aiming at the electronic information and equipment manufacturing in the "5+1" of Sichuan Province, "the industry and education integration demonstration of Jiaotong University & Jiuzhou in electronic information equipment manufacturing", is jointly built by Southwest Jiaotong University and Sichuan Jiuzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd with the support of Department of education, Department of finance, Department of economy and information technology and Department of science and technology of Sichuan. It goal is to create the discipline innovation group in the engineering construction in New Era based mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation electronic information engineering and other disciplines, and then build the new mode of industry education integration, which is mutually driven by the development of industry to realize the four chain of education and industry interaction including the integration of education chain, innovation chain, industry chain and talent chain, promotes the coordinated development of equipment manufacturing industry and education in Sichuan Province, and forms a new mode of industry education integration that can be promoted, radiated and demonstrated.

Guofu Ding, vice dean of School of Mechanical Engineering of Southwest Jiaotong University and a second-class professor of SWJTU, led a complex equipment digital design and manufacturing team of more than 100 people, including graduate students. His researches mainly in the fields of digital design and manufacturing research around rail transit, aviation and other complex equipment, including digital design and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, NC technology and equipment, digital twins and industrial software. The team has won one national first prize for scientific and technological progress, one national second prize for scientific and technological progress, and one first prize for scientific and technological progress of Sichuan Province.

Ding said, "The project draws on and develops the idea of integration of industry and education in Germany to form three multi-level talent cultivation special zones oriented to skill, technology and research, build a number of industry and education training platforms supporting talent training, establish an industry research platform oriented to industry and achievement transformation, and form a new mode of industry and education integration of Jiaotong University based on a cloud platform oriented industry and education integration, a multi-level and full coverage industry and education integration platform for three types of innovative talents, and a scientific and technological breakthrough and achievement transformation driven by industrial demand. "

Fig. 2 An new framework of talent cultivation system

Professor Huaiwen Tian, the person in charge of talent cultivation in the project, said, "in terms of multi-level talent ability cultivation, the project team has studied in detail the integration method of industry and education in Germany, formulated a new talent cultivation scheme for the special zone for training skilled, technical and research talents with independent characteristics, and planned various course materials, engineering cases, double teacher teams, Chinese and German education concepts and practices that support the scheme."

Ding said, “In terms of the construction of the training room, a complete industry and education integration experiment, practice and training platform supporting multi-level talent training has been built, including Jiuzhou Group industrial practice base, Jiuzhou technician college training base, seven training rooms at Xipu campus of SWJTU, mass innovation center at Xipu campus, Jiaoda achievement transformation base at Pengzhou, Achievement Transformation Research Center at Jiuli campus of SWJTU, etc. The project also formed the construction scheme of various platforms, and completed the bidding for all purchased equipment in phase I.”

Professor Deqing Huang, the person in charge of training and practice in the project, said, "While introducing enterprise experts to a compound teaching team, we have built a practical training platform combining enterprise resources and scientific research achievements, such as Xipu training rooms of our university, which includes seven training rooms, Digital R & D training platform, intelligent manufacturing system training platform, intelligent manufacturing equipment training platform, automation experiment and training platform, robot training platform and artificial intelligence training platform. At present, the hardware of phase I has been in place, a comprehensive series of practical training projects are researched and developed with strong adaptability to multi-level talents, and a series of corresponding practical training textbooks are being compiled to form a multi-level practical education mechanism combining in class practice, scientific research practice and engineering practice. "

Fig. 3 Research talents and enterprise personnel jointly solve key problems in the production line

The project team has also built an open and efficient management platform integrating industry and education in the cloud, and has initially formed a talent cultivation management, controlling and evaluation platform that maps knowledge and ability indicators.

Ding said, "An open cloud teaching management system has been preliminarily developed, which is based on the mutual mapping of teaching knowledge points and abilities, and guided by knowledge points. The management system fully integrates external resources, including industry education integration cases, industrial teachers, industrial knowledge resources, industrial technology needs, etc., into the teaching system, so that students can more accurately connect and interact with external resources and knowledge related to their majors, which can enhance students' industry cognition, industry understanding and industry demand, and solve the problem of matching degree between the learned knowledge and the industry. "

In the Journal of research in Higher Education of Engineering (Chinese), Ding and other authors wrote, “Output oriented teaching evaluation is the core concept of current professional evaluation, and the ability of students is the main teaching output, but the teaching implementation is mainly for the knowledge points of teaching links. Aiming at the lack of accurate correspondence between ability and knowledge and teaching evaluation system, this paper proposed a sophisticated teaching system based on meta-knowledge-point clustering integrated with ability point. By constructing the refined knowledge and ability point graph of each teaching link, the fusion mapping relationship between knowledge points and ability map is studied, the teaching system based on the fusion evaluation of knowledge and ability is constructed, and the knowledge and ability map of life cycle in student education are recorded and tracked in the whole process, so that the teaching effect can be evaluated, tracked, analyzed and improved.”

Fig. 4 Teaching and evaluation system of integrating knowledge and ability related to intelligent manufacturing

Taking the achievement transformation as the carrier, based on the achievement transformation and the digital manufacturing innovation research center mainly built by the team, an industrial innovation R & D center integrating enterprises, industrial institutions, university scientific research teams and University achievements has been established, and has been located in Pengzhou achievement transformation base and Jiuli achievement transformation base of SWJTU separately. At the same time, the experience has been radiated to Jiaoda Baichuan innovation research base at Tangshan city.

After more than one year of construction, the project team has preliminarily completed the basic connotation construction of one talent cultivation system, three special talent zones, one practice platform, one mass innovation center and one industrial innovation platform.

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