AHZHow education consultants help international students study in the UK

How education consultants help international students study in the UK

The process to study at a UK university can be long and confusing, but expert advisors are on hand to assist

International students hoping to study in the UK may find the journey easier if they seek support from an educational consultant or agent.

At the UK THE Student Festival, AHZ Associates held a session outlining the benefits of working with an education consultant.

Golam Mortuza, director at AHZ Associates, said many people wanted to study at a UK institution but lacked knowledge of the visa process.

Shu-Han Chang, senior sales manager of Oxford International Education Group, said education agents and consultants could provide the support students need.

“When you first start looking into university, you need an educational consultant who already has good professional knowledge,” Change said. “They will know the university location, what the campus looks like. They will also know the university’s unique selling point and their research strengths and employability advantages.

“The most important is they not only know each university’s advantage, but they also usually have a UK education experience themselves. So, they know what the UK study journey is going to be like.”

As well as explain how things like assessment work at UK institutions, education consultants offer cultural and practical knowledge to prospective students. This could include advice on the local climate, how to secure student accommodation or opening a bank account.

“It’s those kinds of little details that are critical to your life because you are coming to the UK not just to study to get a degree. You are coming to the UK to also expose yourself to life in the UK,” she said.

Chang said consultants with UK offices could also help with the visa and university application process. “They will make sure you pass the last hurdle so you can get your UK visa,” she said. “Choosing the right consultant is not just for the first bit, it’s for the whole journey, so you can have a very pleasant UK study experience.”

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