New Uzbekistan UniversityConference encourages collaboration on IT convergence

Conference encourages collaboration on IT convergence

The rapid evolution of heterogeneous technologies in the IT space has led New Uzbekistan University to organise a conference bringing experts together to explore this trend

Hosted by New Uzbekistan University (NewUU), the International Conference on Information, System and Convergence Applications (ICISCA) aims to provide an opportunity for scholars and engineers to explain, discuss and debate the latest technological challenges, trends and solutions being experienced around the world.

Alongside NewUU, the ICISCA will be co-organised by two other Uzbekistan universities, four universities and research institutes from South Korea and one Chinese university. The conference will focus on a range of topics around information technology, including networked systems, information processing, industry, energy, nanotechnology and materials science.

Among the experts attending the conference, four keynote speakers will lecture on information theory and its associated applications. These featured speakers are Witold Pedrycz, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) life fellow at the University of Alberta in Canada; Özgül Salor, IEEE senior member at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in Kyrgyzstan; Moon Keun Kim, professor at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway; and Soon Ae Chun, IEEE senior member at the City University of New York in the US.

In addition to the talks given during the conference, several academic papers will be presented. All accepted papers will be submitted to high-impact journals following the conference. This will benefit all participants in continuing and developing their research outcomes through additional opportunities. Journal topics include wireless communications, data governance, artificial intelligence, smart grids and robotics.

Besides the academic activity on display, the ICISCA aims to provide a collaborative and culturally enriching experience for all attendees. Building academic and social relationships helps to foster mutually beneficial research exchange initiatives. NewUU has arranged a tour during the last day of the conference, taking in some of the memorable sites within the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent.

“ICISCA 2023 stands out among a crowded academic schedule as a future-looking conference supported by the forward-thinking NewUU,” says Bakhtiyor Yuldashev, vice-rector for innovation and research at NewUU. “The university has a goal of becoming a leading higher education institution in Central Asia with its focus on qualitative research and educational achievements. ICISCA is one way to introduce our research potential and network.”

The ICISCA stands as the latest evidence of NewUU’s commitment to a truly global, collaborative ethos within the education sector. Following a number of reforms within Uzbek higher education, NewUU is part of a government initiative to ensure that Uzbek students and faculty members have a powerful impact on the global stage.

As evidence of NewUU’s long-term vision for higher education, the university has formed a relationship with the support of the ICISCA’s co-organisers. It is hoped that this partnership will help attendees with their research proposals, while NewUU has committed to supporting ICISCA attendees with their research activity even after the conference closes.

Information technology may be a relatively young field, but it has already had a transformative impact on economies around the world. The ICISCA is a new addition to the conference calendar, but its list of assembled expert speakers suggests that it will have a similarly important effect. The ICISCA will take place in Tashkent from 3 to 6 July.

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