Carlos Duarte

Carlos Duarte, distinguished professor of marine science

Before becoming a distinguished professor of marine science at KAUST, Carlos Duarte completed a BSc in environmental biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid and then a PhD in limnology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

After conducting research all over the world and helping to establish the Indian Ocean Marine Research Center – now the largest marine research institution in the southern hemisphere – Duarte found himself spending more time in meetings with industry partners, government officials and lawyers. When he was invited to join the faculty at KAUST, he relished the opportunity to return to the hands-on research he is so passionate about.

His research predominantly focuses on Red Sea ecosystems and the challenges facing oceans around the world. Despite much negative press around the condition of the planet’s oceans, Duarte’s recent research indicates that it is possible to rebuild marine life by 2050 if we engage decisively with the issue now.

In particular, he has been looking at nature-based solutions to mitigate problems associated with climate change, while restoring and conserving marine ecosystems. In addition, he has been working with the Red Sea Development Company around the conservation benefits that can be derived from regenerative tourism. 

In terms of an average day at KAUST, Duarte splits his time between meetings, teaching students, reviewing papers for scientific journals, and managing the publication of his own research. Outside the university, he can usually be found swimming and snorkelling in the ocean or simply spending time with family and friends.

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