Microsoft Surface

Digital transformation is fast becoming the lifeblood of every school and organisation, and the higher education space is no exception. As a global leader in technology solutions, Microsoft is committed to empowering every person and every organisation to achieve more – including teachers, students and academics.

With Microsoft Surface, students can unlock new ways of learning and collaborating, with devices such as the Laptop Go – powerful enough to handle essential apps and portable enough to carry on campus between lectures. In a world of internet-connected smart devices, safeguarding physical and digital security is more critical and complex than ever, and protecting students and staff requires a comprehensive approach. With Microsoft Smart and Secure Campus solutions, school leadership can help to protect against and respond to safety and security threats.

Secure, modern technology is imperative in ensuring today’s schools and education facilities stay connected. Microsoft’s portfolio of higher education resources is here to support and empower people to thrive in a hybrid learning environment.