College of Science - City University of Hong Kong

Research Excellence of the College of Science

To excel in pioneering and interdisciplinary scientific research and innovation, the College of Science strives to nurture the next generation of scientists who would make a positive impact on society and address some pressing global challenges.

Our faculty members, of which many are national academy members, fellows of renowned academic societies and highly cited researchers, are dedicated to the below outstanding research areas:

  • Department of Biostatistics: Computational Statistics, Functional Data Analysis, Inferential Statistics, Statistical Genetics Genomics Omics, Survival and Event History Analysis, and Time Series Analysis.
  • Department of Chemistry: Materials Chemistry, Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Environmental Science or Biology, and Computational Chemistry.
  • Department of Mathematics: Applied Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Probability and Statistics.
  • Department of Physics: Theoretical and Computational Physics; Spectroscopy and Imaging; Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Quantum Materials, Soft Matter and Biophysics.

In capitalising on the collective strength, our Departments maintain and develop strong research collaborations with the industry and other organisations. To move one step further, through the applications of ground-breaking research, our dedicated scholars and researchers are expanding the boundaries of knowledge and translating knowledge into innovations that benefit local and global societies.