November 29, 1996

UNIVERSITY OF WALES, CARDIFF CHARITIES Drs P. Purslow and V. Duance, Pounds 103,900 from the Wellcome Trust (fibrillin elasticity, with Manchester and Copenhagen); Professors B. Caterson and C. Archer and Dr A. Kwan, Pounds 90,000 from the Wellcome Trust (cartilage matrix metabolism in joint development and disease); Dr R. Young, Pounds 85,100 from the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (investigation of the initialling effects of osteoarthritis of the knee).

RESEARCH CONTRACTS Drs R. Eccles, M. Jawad and Miss S. Morris, Pounds 193,100 from Bayer Ag (sensation of nasal congestion in patients with common cold symptoms); Dr M. Day, Pounds 174,200 from Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (recombinant gene transfer in natural microbial populations of sugar beet rhizosphere); Dr P. Bowen, Pounds 82,700 from Shell Research (high pressure/high temperature wind tunnel); Dr P. Kille, Pounds 72,000 from Phairson Medical Inc. (research on serine proteinases originating from crustacea); Dr K. Bishop, Pounds 63,000 from Department of City and Regional Planning (countryside recreation network); Professor J. Kay, Pounds 58,000 from Phairson Medical Inc. (research on serine proteinases originating from crustacea); Drs M. Jawad and R. Eccles, Pounds 51,900 from Glaxo Laboratories (study to investigate the efficacy and safety of a treatment for influenza); Professor P. Langley, Pounds 50,300 from Insect Investigations Ltd (pest outbreak prediction); Dr I. Gilbert, Pounds 50,000 from WSDHSR (inhibitors of leishmanial dihydrofolate reductase - thymidylate synthase); Dr R. Smith, Pounds 50,000 from the Welsh Office (housing research).

RESEARCH GRANTS Professor T. Coakley, Pounds 145,500 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (analytic concentration detection by coated particle agglutination in an ultrasonic standing wave); Dr L. Boddy, Pounds 132,300 from the Natural Environment Research Council (nutrient acquisition translocation and partitioning in systems of mycelia and mycelial cords of saprotrophic basidiomycetes); Professor M. Wallace, Pounds 122,100 from the Economic and Social Research Council (managing large-scale reorganisation in schooling); Professor B. Schutz, Pounds 117,700 from the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (a laser interferometric gravitational wave detector with 600-metre arms); Professor M. Wallace, Pounds 60,400 from the ESRC (team approaches to the management of large primary sector schools).

EUROPEAN FUNDS Professor N. Syred, Drs C. Bates, T. Griffiths, T. O'Doherty and P. Bowen, Pounds 492,000 from the European Commission (human capital and mobility programme: access to large-scale combustion facilities); Professor H. Thomas and Dr S. Rees, Pounds 83,700 from the commission (calculation and testing of behaviour of unsaturated clay/Catsius Clay); Dr M. Bloor, Pounds 81,100 from the commission (feasibility study for coordinated community action of the improved targeting of HIV/Aids prevention campaigns among international travellers).

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